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The Malthusian programs of the global satanic elite are in stark contrast to Christianity, the interests of humanity, history, science, and observable reality. In other words, they are pure evil.

In re the C19 War on Humanity, read THIS. And THIS. If you haven’t already, please read RFK Jr.’s book too.

The survivors of the purges are left in an idiotic world of consumerism. There, they find little education and reams of propaganda. No wonder that those who are waking up do not want to continue the charade. Notice in that last propaganda article the main (false) reason for attending college is to get a job making “good” money (to spend on consumerist nonsense while foregoing children). Note that their definition of good money – with a college degree – is less than half of what minimum wage would be if it had kept pace with inflation.

The plan appears to be to kill as many undesirables as possible and to enslave the rest. Your voting within the same wicked system won’t cure anything. Fire, on the other hand…