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Some Political Reality, Not Theory: A Comparison


Eric Sammons recently asked, in a decent column at Crisis, “Is the New Libertarian Party Now An Option for Catholics?” The honest answer is a simple, “no.” The mention of a new LP reminded me of my dismissal, via a short series of articles a year or two ago, of the old LP. However, based on Sammons’s ponderings, I double-checked. If, as suggested, there has been a Misesian takeover, then I see little if any change. In fact, the new iteration of the grand non-philosophy might be worse. In short, the LP is mere globalism-lite as sold by and for self-centered stoners. It borders – very closely – on the luciferian. And as always, it is completely and totally irrelevant. The LP isn’t a third party, it’s a second party; the US has ONE major party, which is dedicated to the destruction of the American Nation and Christian Western Civilization. A drunken, glassed-eye, smiley-faced version of the same thing, that no one cares about, isn’t any kind of alternative. Sammons’s titular question also assumes that Catholic (and other) Americans still have some political recourse. They do not.

By ignoring their identity and their culture, my people have arrived at the sad point where there are no legal or political solutions. But by all means, please do vote in the exciting midterms. And in 2024. Vote hard. Real hard. 

What is the solution? Well, it only applies to the Remnant and/or the rump states. The bad news is that, while we may prepare by doing necessary small things, we will have to wait for events to unfold as they will. The inevitable is now in progress. Stand by and don’t interrupt the unavoidable. The good news is that examples abound of the right approach. The people and the leadership of countries like Russia, China, and Iran are not as wicked, short-sighted, or stupid as those in the failed US. Look at what they are doing right now and what they’ve been doing the past 20 – 30 years. 

Herein, we’ll examine the Russian method, as explained in great detail last week at SPIEF by Vladimir Putin. READ THE SPEECH.

In his remarks, Libertardians, the words “marijuana,” “drugs,” and “liberty” appear exactly zero times each. “Freedom” is relegated to economic range and privilege only. And in that context, read in pari materia with the full discourse, the term is only valued insofar as it serves the greater advancement of society. This is the Russian and the Chinese position, the position of any sane, sovereign nation. Demographics are, in fact, destiny, and a nation is no more (or less) than its people. Its own people and not any and all outsiders gathered together in a new, squabbling Tower of Babel. This is the Biblical perspective and the only one which honors the commandments and literal practices and desires of God Almighty. And yes, the concept isn’t limited to Christians only. As I and others have noted, there is a reason why the honorable Muslims (Iran) and the noble pagans (China) also walk the same straight and narrow path. They all know that that path, rocky as it may sometimes become, leads from the people of the past to the people of the future. The nation of the future. 

This requires these strange little creatures known as children.

In the decaying, libertine United States of this and the previous century, the sleeping people were sold on a bizarre notion that a society might be maintained without young people and supporting families. They were largely convinced that they didn’t even exist as a distinct people. Vast portions of entire generations were preemptively murdered. Those who survived were trapped in a devolving dystopia. Physically, mentally, and spiritually weakened, they were and are encouraged to indulge sloth and sodomy, to live as debt and wage slaves, to so live alone as far as possible, and to waste away the free portions of their existence in pursuit of absurd triviality. The young were crushed under a corrupt political and economic system built for the enrichment of satanic elite criminals. Above all else, they are all but prohibited from having society-sustaining quantities of children. This is not a theory. The observable results are in and they are staggering. This is why the Heritage American White population has regressed this entire Twenty-First Century, in auto-genocidal form, even as the total population has soared. 

Americans ceased having children and are being rapidly replaced by Not-Americans. The process is now fixed and will not abate. Vote really, really hard.

Elsewhere, things are brighter. Putin gets it:

Russia’s future is ensured by families with two, three and more children. Therefore, we need to do more than provide direct financial support – we need to target and direct the healthcare system, education, and all areas that determine the quality of people’s lives towards the needs of families with children.

For an aging American, the crazy thing about the entire speech is that, unlike any similar remarks made by any US politician, none of it is bullshit. All of it amounts to a broad-bush summary of actual policies that are and have been in effect. This is preaching what has been practiced and not pandering for your precious vooooooootes.

Real, stable success and a sense of dignity and self-respect only come when you link your future and the future of your children with your Fatherland. We have maintained ties with many people for a long time, and I am aware of the sentiments of many of the heads and owners of our companies. You have told me many times that business is much more than just making a profit, and I fully agree. It is about changing life around you, contributing to the development of your home cities, regions and the country as a whole, which is extremely important for self-fulfillment. There is nothing like serving the people and society. This is the meaning of your life and work.

Nationalist economics and politics, Christian or otherwise, are about the preservation of societies, nations, regions, cities, families, and people. The eco-political facet takes its proper, subservient place behind culture, as culture comes from and after identity. Satanic globalism, and it is only satanic, is about the destruction of nations, families, and people. While we Americans wait, the only thing, or the best thing, we can do is to grow families and have children and/or to encourage and assist young people in doing the same.

Cheer the good and true nations of the world as they make the right decisions. Hate and thwart when possible the wicked degeneracy of the evil rules-based world disorder. The Sovereign Nations are actively defeating the evil of the Disorder. Thank God! We’ve fallen low and hard. The time to stand again will come. Now is the time to prepare to stand. Get ready!