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Russia’s MID has updated the list of US citizens, to include some Americans, who are under personal sanctions and banned from entering the Russian Federation. 963 names, most of them scumbags and worse. I saw a few that I would not have assumed needed banning – but, it’s not my list. And I could easily add names, perhaps enough to double or triple the ranks. I also noticed they refer to Joe Biden as “President.” Eh, it’s a work in progress. This, by the way, would make a great starter roster of people to ban from the US. One name really caught my eye:

They BANNED JOHN MCCAIN!!!! lololol

Knowing and acknowledging that he’s dead and in hell. They still banned him. I get it – they’re not spiteful, he’s not the only dead man on the list, and this probably has to do with $anctions, if any, against estates. Got it. But … what if the rumors we’ve heard for years are true? What if the Russians found proof? Was/is McCain an undead vampire or ghoul?!