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As Roe disintegrates (praise be to God!), more states outlaw Molochian infanticide. The catch is that satan’s lowest helpers are already scheming – in fact, already committing – to move all child murders to the utterly lost US states. Here’s a broad-stroke idea of how to shut it all down.

IF men could get pregnant, then [baby murder] would be a sacrament,” or so goes the old, worn, sophomoric, baby-murdering harpies’ anti-logic. IF. Now, thanks to the harpies and associated idiots, we know that men can, in fact, become pregnant and can seek and obtain infanticide services. In other words, they have placed the near-molten iron on the anvil. Raise hammers to strike.

Every Christian man in the faded US should become “pregnant” and contact the local infanticide center to schedule an appointment. We could easily overwhelm these dark temples. And when the murderers are finally forced to admit that biological reality is exactly that, then we sue them for discrimination. If we could bind the gears for nine months, we could save an entire gestational generation of children.

I offer this as a pitiful second-place option since the Holy Millstone is evidently not going to happen – as it should have, in mass, in 1973.