Next month, on June 24th, my little blog will turn ten years old. I think I’ve already scheduled the anniversary post. Due to some early inattentiveness, this month, May 2022, is only the 100th month of publication. However, as one can see on the sidebar, it’s also the 89th month in a row. Anyway one looks at it, it is a long time, with a lot of material. This particular entry just happens to be…

POST NO. 5,000!

A lot of material. And now, I think the time has come for some kind of change. I’ve toyed with the idea of moving the columns to a paid subscription site, perhaps combined with a (not the existing) podcast. The PPN podcast is still in a state of limbo. We’re working on some ideas to keep it going, and if at all possible, improve it. Time will tell and any announcements will, of course, appear here.

The daily pod promotion is probably over as of this morning. Again, down the sidebar one will find the link to the show. Same deal, M – F, for now. 

At least for a little while, I think I’ll slow down a bit, here. Look for the weekly columns, unless or until they move. Also, I’ll keep providing commentary on pertinent issues of interest to me. I really, really need to address some book issues!

For today, the foregoing is what passes for a column. I will add the following:

The free world’s war against the evil NWO proceeds apace. The more the empire tries to heat it up, the more desperate and pathetic they look. And the harder they lose.

C19 is still nothing but a huge, pitiful, but dangerous hoax.

The Roe leak is great news on at least two fronts: 1) killing the Nine’s worst decision ever will inevitably mean killing fewer babies, and; 2) the low court’s attempt to keep pace with reality and the actions of the States demonstrates the court’s waning power and influence, and it further herald’s the impending breakup.

That will do for today. Thanks for reading along for all these years. There’s still more to come.