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COLUMN: As Go French Overseas Territories, So Goes The West?


That was one of the very interesting things about Sunday’s election. While homeland France, the European Nation, voted approximately 60% to 40% for five more years of globohomo tyranny, almost the exact opposite happened in the territories, where majorities in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guiana, etc. voted for Le Pen and nationalism. 

The populations of the territories are generally anywhere from majority to hyper-majority autochthones of their respective lands, the native peoples – African, Poly-Oceanic, etc. They are the remainder of the former French Imperial Colonies who elected to remain attached politically to the primary state. I find it fascinating that these assorted peoples saw through Macron and decided they would rather be represented by someone who at least says she favors France for the French. I have not looked and I don’t plan to, but I suspect that much of the pro-Macronian territorial support came from the White French minorities (along with local cronies, sycophants, looters, and moochers of all stripes). I also have a suspicion that many of the pro-Le Pen voters also harbor some ideas about full and total independence; those who favor nationalism tend to desire separate nations, for themselves as much as for others. Again, this is based on educated if unsupported suspicion.

Back on the Continent…

I’m tempted to ask, “what the hell will it take to wake you fools up?!” But, I live in a country that is in drastically worse shape than France, which leaves me little room to talk. And yet I will. Here, literal Americans are an absolute minority in our own land. Best-proxy, late definition Americans are slouching towards oblivion and should become a simple minority by the end of this decade. While the current British Brethren begin to look a lot like us, the original set wouldn’t recognize us. Christianity has taken and keeps taking a horrific beating, partly self-inflicted. The average national IQ is poised to soon drop into the range almost all authorities deem “low average.” All of them except Kaufman, which calls it below average. Everything from the schools to the media to the government to the money is fake in the US of Not-A. It is not so, not yet, in France.

Not yet, but parity may approach faster than many will be comfortable with. Satanic globalism, while not quite as bad as in the USSA, is rampant in France. It appears their elections still work, for now. Their government is a bit different, better in some ways, worse in others, but it is still mostly, plausibly functional for the French (with large takeaways for Brussels and Mordor). The rot shows itself in somewhat distinct ways: for example, French schools are better and their colleges, also better on the average, are cost-appropriate. Hellish financialization does not intrude into education (as with the wicked scheme of USian student loans), but it does affect other parts of the economy (like labor and housing prices). The Concorde is as dead as the Dodo, but the TGVs are still racing along with their routes expanding.

The French, still being mostly French, are probably a third of a standard deviation smarter than the average US resident (perhaps on par with legitimate Americans). However, the religious situation is arguably worse in the Fifth Republic. The evils of the Enlightenment took an immediate toll on French Catholicism, the Twentieth Century was far from kind to it, and the Twenty-First is literally stabbing and burning what’s left. 

But again, France is still, for now, a hyper-majority French nation. My best estimate is that 85% of the population is French. 90-ish% are French and other, similar Europeans. The remaining 10% ranges from almost similar to incompatible to extremely dangerous. In Census-related terms, France is about where the US was around 1970. In other words, it isn’t all that bad yet. In other other words, they have a damned huge problem that is going to turn into an emergency. 

They know all of the foregoing and yet nearly six out of ten of them voted for the little boy, lawn jockey of the House of Rothschild. Now, I’m back to asking what the hell?! Does the banksters’ boy have to set up a Moloch furnace in the ruins of Notre Dame? Does he have to make Nick Conrad his Minister of Culture?

Macron knows he’s walking a very fine line. Yet, he continues to walk on. In his tepid thank you speech the other night, he babbled proudly about making France “greener.” Those very fast trains require electricity. One of the shining achievements of the De Gaulle – DGE era was the superior positioning of nuclear power. Now, because it works, it has to go. Same with coal. Gas comes from Russia and that, yeah… 

This is the fool who packs in the diversity, calls it French, and then denigrates the actual French with bad names when they dare to notice the damages. He’s playing Kiev against Moscow against Paris against London against Brussels against Brandon in some mad game to force a mostly-peaceful war of globe-crushing consequence. He didn’t just work for a bank, nor a central bank, nor the IMF; he worked for the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY itself.

Maybe the alternatives weren’t that great. Le Pen, like her father, talks a good game. She is, however, a she. Eric Zemmour is equally right-sounding, though he happens to not be a native Frenchman. Something, something Isaiah, I think. If that thought matters here, then it’s worth noting that even as the rule or potential rule by women and foreigners indicates a people are under a curse from God, it doesn’t necessarily mean the women and foreigners are cursed, wicked, or even bad – they’re just indicators. Where, one wonders, are the French men? At least a De Gaulle caliber is needed at the moment. Soon, a Martel may be required. Is he, whoever he is, to be found somewhere between Nantes and Grenoble? Probably, or so it’s hoped.

This latest failure of the promise of restored Euro-nationalism may be what’s needed to spur a near-future renewal. Other signs, if one knows where to look for them, are promising. Four out of ten voters know there are severe problems and want to solve them. That’s up considerably from 2017. May that it crests a majority by 2027. The Gilets Jaunes aren’t going away, intensifying rather. There were the not-so-subtle twin warnings from the general staff of the military and from the enlisted core. There has to be a latent backlash of resentment over Paris’s participation in the C19 hoax and war. There may be no need to wait another five years. I’ve been telling the podcast audience that France is one of the big, steaming hot potatoes to watch for the rest of this year. Watch her. 

Also, keep watching the miraculous dismantling of globohomo by Russia. This grand phenomenon might be a dark horse gift for France, Western Europe, and all Christendom. Speculation abounds that once Vlad and Co. liberate Ukraine, drive away the US’s thugs and ziocons, and force a beautiful end to the idiocy of the EU, much or all of Europe may begin to adopt “Russian” values, that is to return to the core principles of Western Civilization. 

It’s a long game and a lot to hope for. Still, it’s great to have a lot to hope for, on, and with. There is still time for France and Europe to restore harmony and order. Unlike in the faded-away US, they still have, for some time, political options – if they’ll exercise them. If, or rather when it all goes well, we can give much of the originating credit to the brave people of places like Martinique as they saw further, with greater clarity, first. Bravo, Territorials.

My Freedom Fry-less Frog Friends, seriously, WHAT THE HELL?!