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COLUMN: God’s Wrath and the End of the Empire


If I continued last week’s nominal thematics, today’s title might be “J.R.R. Tolkien and God’s Wrath Against Wayward Empires: A Comparison of Falls of Numenor and the United States.” Some 15,000 or so words on that topic lurk somewhere in the hopper, the seeds of a short book or a long essay. They’ve lurked there for the last seven years; expect publication no later than 2083 under the (working) title American Akallabeth. Then again, that guy, one of them, one of the smart ones, at Crisis recently wrote a short article that pretty much summed it all up. Still, I may continue some of the Tolkien-esque themes herein.

Anyway, last fall, I spoke with a priest about the terminal decline of America and the United States. We agreed that the shrunken nation and its out-of-control government were under the wrath of Almighty God. As he put it then, “you can’t murder 70 million babies and not expect vengeance.” He was correct. That charge alone is sufficient to justify crushing Elenna-Andor beneath the sea (there we go…). One dreadful charge of many.

He, I, and others are correct that the US, the Americans, and the other residents of this strange land are under a form of divine judgment. There is, I think, a distinction concerning the kind of judgment. We are not being blasted with fire like Sodom and Gomorrah. Ours is indirect retribution. I believe the Lord is merely allowing the consequences of our actions and inactions to unfold according to the designs we wittingly or otherwise contrived. 

You almost got a column titled, “Americans Need a Special Military Operation to Deglobalize and Desatanize the United States.” Use your imagination – what if Americans rose up like Russia and did what had to be done? A huge “what if.” We desperately need such action and we have needed it for the last forty to fifty years. It may, perhaps, be a little late now. I really don’t think we have it in us. And we barely have us

Russia, China, India, Iran, and other independent nations are steaming ahead magnificently. A new global anti-globalist financial system based on literal commodities and real value is operational. Once the bugs are worked out, look for it to supplant the satanic usury-based system that currently enslaves much of the world. 

China is presently using its position of economic and industrial supremacy to cement its place, not as an empire, but as a fully-sovereign regional power. Russia, right now, is using its military might to literally blast the satanic world disorder to bits. This brand of free-wheeling masculine action, coupled with stern civility, is contagious. The people of the world have waited a long time for an example of global leadership not composed near-exclusively of devil worshipers. Now they have it and they will support it.

Back in this increasingly bizarre place between Canada and Mexico, and in other associated satrapies, the governing, owning elites are in a mad panic. Having lost the effectiveness of their wealth and power, they are reduced to mere influence in the form of outlandish and constant lies. For their part, the faithless, gullible, and dim-witted masses play along with great enthusiasm. It boggles the mind. The people of the faded West have been fed so many falsehoods that they now seemingly make up their own without any prompting. They really believe them too. We’re almost to the point when one looks for the dupes to independently meld two or more hoaxes together – “That thar Ghost of Kiev done run off the Butcher of Bucha! I done seen it, Cleetus!

The WereWest has won the propaganda war, thus far, one-hundred to nothing. However, hollow words, moronic Tweets, video game footage, lies, and crisis actors do not win physical military conflicts. Putin’s phase one – of an operation that I admittedly misgauged and misunderstood, initially – was, past tense, a full success. His forces are currently prosecuting phase two, expertly, and preparing for phase three. Russia is ready and able to sweep aside NATO with similar efficiency in the event the anguished fools in Washington, London, and Brussels attempt something utterly insane. Russia will not use words.

An aside: quasi-confirmation of some rumors came from the MOD this week. Behind the S-300 (very good), S-400(+) (otherwise best in the world), S-500 (better than the best), and S-550 (beyond better than the best), the Russians are allegedly working feverishly on something else, something different, a system possibly of both defensive and offensive capabilities. Why? Well, obviously to make damned sure they’re left alone as they and their friends carry on civilization. But, what?? The hint was that this thing, whatever it is, is most likely a DEW system. Given the way their other dream toys were “in development,” only to suddenly be fully deployed, this “S-600” (my working designation only) is probably in the testing juncture. Imagine Reagan’s SDI, but real. 

‘Muricans don’t need to know none of that though. Most probably wouldn’t believe it unless or until it zaps them personally. They know little. They believe even less. Faithless and dull. While they invent all manner of fiction in order to #StandWithJewishHitler, talented as he is, they pay no attention to their own demise. Based on the very limited recent data released by the Census, 2021 is looking like the sixth year in a row of the hard numerical decline of Heritage Americans. My educated guess is a net loss of another 2 million of us – just last year. Many or most of “us” have a real problem even admitting “we” exist. Of course, at this rate of decline, in a generation or two, we won’t.

The idiots who trust Sean Hannity’s reports that Putin has bombed Chernobyl six times (or, six million(?) times), don’t seem to remember that their cult of a government just carried out the largest biological and psychological war against humanity in history. As with Ukraine, they bought in and helped wage the war against themselves. Very. Strange. Times.

Shocked and alarmed that 50-60,000 young Russian soldiers are on Ukrainian soil, the rubes forget the 100 million incompatible invaders now occupying the US and the thousands more coming in every single day. 

Bewildered by meat shortages and gas price increases, the lower-watts ignore the complete and total destruction of their entire economy to the point there are statistically ZERO dollars left in it. Literally, everything that is left is based entirely on murderous fake debts, fraud, lies, voodoo, and illusions.

Angered by non-existent Russian atrocities, they conveniently forget about the blood-soaked US in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Vietnam, ET CETERA

Most would be surprised to learn that Putin didn’t orchestrate and run the COVID hoax and war. Putin didn’t carry out Operation Nine-Eleven-Woods. Putin didn’t run forty years of biomedical terror in Tuskegee. Or any of the empire’s other 260+ bioterror programs of the past ninety years. Putin didn’t wreck US schools. Putin didn’t turn Mickey into Pedo Mouse. Putin didn’t kill any of those 70 million babies.

And, they won’t get any of this because they can’t. They are essentially fact-proof, living examples of the cautions of the Bible and of Aristotle. There is no reasoning or communication with the unreasonable and the unreasoning. There is no positive interaction with the wicked. Putin and Russia are a kind of refractive lens for throwing light back onto the dark demise Americans have wrought for themselves. Congratulations! You either did it or you tolerated it. God now allows the repercussions unmitigated.

He will, however, always preserve a just Remnant. Look to the Faithful of the Dúnedain. Numenor is lost. Let us build a Gondor.