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Because the “schools” failed (past tense) decades ago. They were failed and dead and evil back when my generation was forced to attend them. I’m tired of articles and information like this: Teachers In America Were Already Facing Collapse. COVID Only Made It Worse. No commentary is needed.

Yes, TikTok has made things worse for children and weak-minded adults. Most modern and post-modern electronica – and, I have covered this several times before – wreak absolute havoc on the average human mind. Combining this type of retarded technology with a system of satanic pedophile evil is a recipe for exactly what we have now. It’s, all of it, only a symptom of the larger disease. The schools and even the concept of education are dead because our nation and our society are dead. None of it can be fixed or resurrected.

The best one can do is build something new, civilized, and better. The least one can do is stop supporting the failed, dead, gay, and wicked status quo. If you still willingly use, tolerate, or support the schools, TikTok, Faceberg, “science,” Republicans, Disney, the MSM, or any other post-American evil, then you are noting more than an evil idiot. Everyone else, we have work to do.