In many cases, it’s the only option.

The half of kids at the failed LA government school prisons who don’t show up are far better off than the half that does.

Nearly half of Los Angeles Unified students — more than 200,000 children — have been chronically absent this school year, meaning they have missed at least 9% of the academic year, according to data provided to The Times by the district in response to a public records request. This more than twofold increase from pre-pandemic years reveals yet another hit to education with widespread learning disruptions even as campuses are open for in-person learning.

Thank you, CoronaChan!

And, remember, private schools, even some of the most elite, may be no better. Read THIS about a school I previously talked about on the PPN. Luciferian indoctrination is bad enough. It’s worse when you pay $60K a year for it.