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The ziocons have wanted to destroy or reconquer Russia for a long time. Brandon’s latest babbling reinforces his masters’ desires.

Joe Biden unilaterally declares war on the nation with the most nuclear weapons on the planet.

Now we deign to ourselves the right to remove a nuclear power’s leader and denude its government?

What has Putin argued was the goal of The United States and NATO all along, starting with the lies put forward during the integration process of Germany, we have now confirmed as official US policy?

To destroy Russia — erase it as a nation and replace its government with one fashioned after our ideals.

It is and isn’t a bluff. They have been floating this idea for some time and in some detail. But … it ain’t gonna happen. The $6 M question is whether they get the USSA and the Euro fiefdoms nuked. I think the odds are… Ah, hell, more on this later.