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Due to the most-successful Russian efforts to denazify and deNATOize Ukraine, many Ukrainian women and children have relocated outside of Banderastan. One hopes the relocation is temporary and that these women, and especially their children, can return to a new and better Ukraine and not allow previous mistakes to again endanger the domestic tranquility. We ask much, yes.

Some of the UA refugees have trekked all the way to Sweden, a long-time favorite destination of migrants of another sort. Would you believe that the two groups don’t get along?

A number of Ukrainian refugee women taken in by multicultural [third-world-sliding] Sweden still fear for their safety, after at least two separate groups of men [savages] tried to gain access to their living quarters [to rape, rob, and maybe murder them].

Having escaped Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion [cleaning] of their country, a number of Ukrainian refugee women are still living in progressive [rapidly retarding] Sweden.

I cleaned that up just a bit to make it accurate. The good news is, if these women and children survive, they can return home and spread the word that globalist mass migration is as bad a mistake as allowing your nation to be ruled over by evil hostile elite outsiders who love turning rabid lunatics loose to commit genocide. Yes, asking a lot.