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Larry Romanoff is back with yet another compatible theory to explain the COVAIDS hoax and genocide that is also much more credible and intelligent than any of the official foolishness.

So the question is: WHY did those responsible want everyone vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine that has proven to be largely ineffective, where in many countries nearly all new infections occur in the fully-vaccinated? This naturally raises a suspicion that the vaccine was not meant primarily (or perhaps even secondarily) to control the virus.

COVID-19 as Biological Weapon
Dr. Shankara Chetty

We can begin with Dr. Shankara Chetty, a medical doctor and biological scientist in South Africa who was deeply engaged in treating COVID-19 in his country. His testimony is similar to that of many others in like positions, and is powerful and direct.[5]


Dr. Chetty stated that nearly everything about COVID-19 seemed suspicious to him from the outset. He claimed physicians were being pushed hard to use a PCR test when “this kind of test is never used as a diagnostic tool”. And it worried him that the results of this inappropriate test were being used to determine public health measures. There were two items of special concern to him; one was that the government was telling the people to not go to a doctor but to stay at home and, if they became seriously or critically ill, to go to the hospital. Similarly, doctors were told to not treat patients because there was no treatment. In particular, the government was directing doctors and hospitals against the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which would normally have been the treatment of choice.

Read the whole thing. This particular hoax appears to be over. But do note that the usual suspects just can’t seem to let it go. Are they trying to tide us over until Marvin the Martian is ready to launch?