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It is possible after all! And, as Vox explains, it disproves the wicked lies about the necessity of the immigrant invasions that are our greatest strength … or death.

Never ever accept the baseless lie that government policies can’t reverse European demographic decline. Hungary has proved, conclusively, that it is not merely possible to do so, it is actually quite easy and relatively inexpensive:

State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák announced on Thursday that Hungary had seen a rise in both the number of births and a 5.7 per cent rise in the fertility rate in the first four months of this year, compared to the same period in 2019.

“Good news again!” she stated added that marriages have also increased with one-and-a-half more marriages recorded this year compared to the previous year.

It is great news and it can be and should be replicated all across the West. Bad news, I suppose, for globohomo – which is even better great news!