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The following information comes from the World Health Organization, a trusted expert organization that we can trust. Very trustworthy so it has to be true and trusty. Trust.

Thank goodness that the worst pandemic in human history is now a thing of the past. Now, we can examine the effects of the various “vaccines” on fertility and cancer and OHMYGAWD!!! look what RUSSIA did!!!

A little math to put the endcap on this pathetic hoax:

I’m using WHO numbers from 3/7/22 and taking them at face value. Many if not most COVID cases, serious illnesses, and deaths were obviously something else (other cases of flu and cold, diabetes, the fake vaxx, etc), but we’ll count them the way the “experts” instruct. Rounding, obviously.

Total international cases: 445,000,000

Total deaths: 6,000,000 (Shimon?????)

World population (UN est.): 7,900,000,000

COVID infection rate: .056 or 5.6%

COVID NON infection rate: 94.4%

*Note: the “NON” rate is pretty close to the rate or level of natural immunity, 80-90%, as established by the Diamond Princess, etc.

Humans COVID free: 7,455,000,000

Death rate among infected: 6,000,000 / 445,000,000 = .0135 or 1.35%

Infected survival rate: 98.65%

Aggregate chance of death rate: 6,000,000 / 7,900,000,000 = .00076…

Aggregate survival rate: 99.924%

You upended all life on the planet for two years over a hoax with a +99.9% survival rate. This is and was ridiculous. And, you did it; they didn’t have to force you, most of you volunteered. Thus, it was low-effort. A ridiculous, low-effort hoax. I see from all the yellow and blue flags here and there that people are incapable of learning.