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Again, everything the MSM reports is a lie.

To wit: Zaporizhzhia NPP:

Bullshit. Recall that they said the same thing about Chernobyl last week. The reporting on FAUX and CNN was just as hysterical and as untruthful as the headlines suggest.

The truth?

RUS took control of the ZNPP on Monday and reported all normal to the IAEA.

IAEA accepted the report. IAEA, RUS, UA, and the US all recorded normal radiation and operations; they still do, all of them.

Ukranazis attacked the plant training building in an attempted false flag. They were repelled, trapped, and they set fire to the office building.

UA firefighters put out the fire. The reactors were never in danger and continue to operate normally.

As seen below, the closest reactor structure is a quarter-mile from the offices.

The “shelling” accusations are ridiculous. And the fact that RUS responses came from north to south – from inside the plant towards the UA saboteurs – indicates RUS control of the plant. Why would the “shell” a plant they already controlled?

If you believe anything the MSM, Zelenskyy, or Brandon say, then you are literally retarded. The good news is that these idiotic lies demonstrate the desperation of globohomo.