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NATO and the world must condemn this horrible atrocity, the literal 238,000th coming of HITLER!

The US Africa Command has claimed a Tuesday airstrike in Somalia, declaring the drone attack had targeted “al-Shabaab terrorists,” accusing them of “attacking partner forces in a remote location near Duduble,” around 64 kilometers (40 miles) northwest of the capital, Mogadishu.

Sources tell me that 10 bazillion US troops are entering the peaceful, prosperous African country, America’s greatest ally (after Ukraine and Israel) in an attempt to eventually conquer all of the Dark Continent in some vague attempt to rebuild the Continental Congressional Empire! Reports indicate that five billion civilians, 38 trillion of them children, have been killed in left-wing communist airstrikes. Other reports suggest the brave Somalis are fighting back, having already reclaimed their space station in a battle that killed 400 sextillion USian storm troopers, thus humiliating Brandon and his rogue regime.

The world must act. If not the world, then the just-as-Amerikant-as-you Somalis in Kongress and the good Somalis of Minnesota. The leader of Mordor, Sauron I, the Great, has called for kicking the USSA out of Monopoly after enacting sanctions against Janet Yellen’s Uber account. The validly-elected and democratic defenders of Somalia desperately need anti-aircraft defenses, indoor plumbing, and a 40-point increase in IQ. Lutheran Social Services stands by to relocate all Somalis into the former US later this evening. Soros, save us!