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As a cogent aside: Boris would stupidly waltz into the Sino-Russian SWIFT replacement trap. It’s interesting to see that whoever or whatever controls the puppet formerly known as Joe Biden isn’t quite as observably stupid. Very interesting.

By far, the smartest man in the room is V. Putin. PCR found or translated his Excellency’s early morning speech which is so packed with facts that a few quotes don’t do it justice. READ THE WHOLE THING.

The effect of these words, backed up by the biggest ass-kicking in modern memory, is having a noticeable effect on the servants of satan – they are literally terrified and they’re openly saying as much. This is the beginning of the end of OUR neoliberal world order! Yes, yes it is. Begone, foul spirits.

And I did catch the bit about Bathhouse Tony disappearing. His work and hoax being exhausted and his little labs being obliterated or captured, he may be off in search of his own “safe place.” Unless he too has taken a mysterious job at K&S(???)

There’s some greater power moving all of this. Deus vult!