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Should fake prez Zelensky run away, as is expected by some, then the natural political consequence is obvious.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday pledged UK support for a Ukrainian government “in exile,” adding he had personally told President Volodymyr Zelensky that he and his cabinet may need to find a “safe place” to go amid the Russian attack on his country.

Johnson said he spoke to Zelensky on Thursday morning and that it may be “necessary” to find the Ukrainian leader a place to go.

So true, so true. All’s well. However, that will leave the governance of Ukraine in question. Therefore, the 2019 Maduro-Guaido episode in Venezuela may be instructive. As with the West’s ridiculous recognition of Juan Guaido as “lawful” president, with all the meddling such recognition involved, Russia could simply appoint some Ukrainian – any Ukrainian – or, one supposes, anyone else – as president of Ukraine in Zelensky’s pending absence. This would be consistent with the in-country tradition established by the CIA during the 2014 coup.

All of this presupposes that Zelensky is not arrested for war crimes before he can find his special “safe place.” Safety first, safety first.