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Stop Allying With Your Enemies


*A little early this week! I wanted this one to be timely. There might be a second edition in a few days. Please read through the addendum at the end.

A beautiful young someone recently asked me if everybody I met was dumb, meaning stupid. In response to the youthful beauty and in an effort to be pleasant, I artfully dodged giving her a direct answer. That answer is almost always a “yes.” Yes, and then some. In general, the Amerikan people are stupid, faithless, lazy, slovenly, sickly, weak, and pitiful. 

The truth is written down all around the people. Yet they refuse to read it. The political system has been proven a complete and total farce. Yet the people dutifully, slavishly keep voting for it. The media hasn’t told the truth in decades. Yet the people still believe every new lie they’re told. A gang of known liars and murderers brought forth an obvious hoax about a bat-inspired minor illness named after a beer. The fools fell for it and still self-righteously bleat and brag about it, even as the liars are moving past it. Disney, a long-time purveyor of anti-civilizational filth, has finally gone all the way with a new movie about the joys of cannibalism. What’s more, the film is marketed using blatant satanic imagery. Great piles of money the fools continue to shovel at monsters who literally worship the devil and want to eat children.

It’s amazing.

And so, it’s really no surprise the way the masses and their feckless leaders are reacting to the IMMINENT RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE!!!! That, of course, is not a thing, but we are dealing with utterly retarded peasants.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn made plain in Two Hundred Years Together, Chrisitan Russia has been at war with a faction of wicked, demented luciferians for over 1,000 years, the last fifth of which were on or are on the “hot” side. The Christians have beaten off the satanists and the satanists are angry about it. Thus, a never-ending series of hoaxes and attacks. China recently rejected the same international criminals, which is why all the recent news about China is only slightly less bad than that about Putin and Co.

A relevant aside: The numbers are still fuzzy, all the way around. Yet, it is almost certain that China has the largest Christian population in the world. Let that sink in. Of course, China has over one billion more citizens than the nominally-Christian US has citizens and residents. Also consider that Russia, with half the population of the US, almost certainly boasts a larger Christian population. In the US, “nominal” means nothing unless it applies to the stupid, the hedonistic, and the heathenly. Forget all the lies you’ve been blandly told about the Ukrainian crisis; this is only a war between Christians (and allies) against satanists (and associated useful dupe idiots).

Everything that the TV, the papers, and the empty talking heads have told you about the situation far away is false. In some cases, it’s completely backward. Russia does not need to nor wants to invade Ukraine. Russia wants to secure its borders and sphere of local influence. The Russians want to clean up the area. And they want to get on with the rest of this century. The truth is closer to being that Ukraine is planning to invade (or has already invaded) a part of Ukraine. If they can provoke a military reaction from Russia, so much the better for their puppet masters in DC and London and the dreadful evil behind them. Keep in mind that the Ukrainians do not want this at all, no more than the Russians do. And, if Moscow had a mind to actually commit and do it, they could take Ukraine in a short week and there would be no stopping them. That’s not what they want. None of the affected parties want a war. Who does?

The media, their string-pullers in the dark state, and the even darker masters behind them all would happily tell you the answer is Hitler, er, Putin. That, one might guess correctly, is another lie – and one that’s really worn out. The right answer is that the evil degenerates who hate Russia and who control the West (what’s left of it) want war, chaos, death, and destruction.

Remember which side just capped off a two-year mass crime against humanity and genocide. Remember which side forever changed the demographic character of the US. And destroyed the economy. And made movies glorifying cannibals. And let freaks rape your daughters in the school bathrooms. It was not Vladimir Putin.

Yet the people, many of them, refuse to acknowledge reality. Par for the tattered course. I’m not sure who is worse than whom, the fools, or the fools they follow.

All across the former homogenous nation, lecherous politicians are suddenly coming together with bipartisan bullshit about supporting our great ally Ukraine. The Republicans are the worst, though there are few differences between the two sides of the Uniparty. The party that hated state sovereignty in the 1860s and wouldn’t hear of it today, and couldn’t have cared less about it worldwide in the years between, suddenly defends the right of the democracy of the people to self-determine the … blah, blah, blah. Bottom line = Putin is bad, the nebulous dying empire is good, something about Israel, flag, constitution, strong, etc. Suddenly, fake president Brandon is a hero for standing up and mumbling his lines before collapsing in a tired heap. And, of course, the Muslim-haters of just five years ago suddenly care so much about the Uyghurs in China. Just like they care about the Palestinians in … ha, sorry. These shits probably couldn’t find Ukraine on a well-labeled map of Europe.

Neither could most of the stupid people. Yet, without knowing anything about anything, they’re getting on board the anti-Russia train. Some of them will be legitimately surprised to learn that this isn’t 2001 and Russia is not Afghanistan; there is absolutely nothing the US, its allies, and its masters can do to beat, harm, or even slow Russia. Thus, that impotent anger and hate again. 

Another beautiful person sent me the link for a video on EweTube. Not liking videos, I read the first half of the transcript. Two nobodies I’d never heard of, a stupid judeo-Christian fake and a wicked fake Christo-judean(?) had a conversation about conversions – all of it lies and hysteria. Again, Putin does not want to invade Ukraine. Nor the rest of Europe. Nor Israel (ancient prophesies and sorcery aside, not every fucking thing on the planet concerns Israel, guys. Nor, certainly, the US basket case).

All of these morons are necessarily siding with the devil’s team against Christians and other peoples of goodwill. Some of the morons are satanically evil themselves; they are literally on the team. The others are stupid, uninformed, and gullible. Regardless, all of them are suborning, tolerating, and supporting evil, the doing of which is evil itself. Stop doing that. Stop listening to liars. Stop listening to people who, just yesterday, were against the things they’re allegedly for today. Stop listening to people who, just yesterday, tried to kill you and half the world population. Stop being so observably idiotic. Stop living in fear. Stop hating what is good and loving what is wicked. Just stop it.

*The foregoing was a first draft, written under somewhat tiring conditions. I’ve decided to leave it as-is. As a modification, I offer the following video from RuSsiA!!!


This is President Putin’s meeting, today [2/21/22], with his security council regarding the luciferian’s Ukrainian mess and what should be done about recognizing the independent Eastern (Russian) republics of the Don Region. (The decision could come before I post this; “your” MSM will then lie to you about the decision regardless of what it is). This is the truth of the matter from the sane, normal, civilized side. I recommend listening closely to it all. And, for once, please glance at the scene in the video itself. 

This meeting instantly reminded me of the picture on the back of the US $2 bill. This is what a government of and for the people of a distinct nation looks like. This is homogeneity. This is civilized, intelligent, serious, and powerful. The lone “diversity,” a steely Russian woman, openly admitted something even as she spoke in lockstep with her men: she recognized her overt emotional reaction to the sad events of the day. 

There was nothing positive that could have been added to this fine mix by a Herschel Walker, a Tim Scott, an AOC, any Somali, any mentally-ill freak, a Tulsi Gabbard, a Nimrata Haley, a Blinken, a Garfinkle, or any other foreign curse. 

Russia has either already won or is about to win. Americans should take inspiration. That will require rejecting the advice and tutelage of our enemies.

UPDATE: And, they wasted no time with the new lies.

UPDATE: Appears I misunderestimated a few things, no? When they say “invasion,” just reply with “liberation.”