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A Statement And Another Book


Right now, at write(ing) time, it’s late afternoon on Wednesday, February 16th. I too eagerly await this imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. Grim business, friends, grim. Oh, that was another hoax?! Well, fooooool me.

Hola, amigos! This one will be a little short because I am more than a little tired. In fact, as the title might suggest, I’ll leave most of the work to you – reading work.

Read this JOINT STATEMENT first. Russia and China have formed the backbone of the anti-Globalist Alliance and they are actively moving ahead with this century. This partly explains the panic, lies, and … more panic and lies about the seeming nothing that is the Ukrainian situation. It is a laughing, righteous response to decades of hatred and provocation from the globo-Zionist elites who have captured and practically destroyed the USSA and much of the West. In short, the same party did the same thing to Russia and they attempted another round with China. The Russians caught and expelled them; the Chinese adamantly rejected their advances from the start. All that gibbering and wailing from the fake administration, Langley, the talking screen on the wall, and the wicked masters behind it all reflect a deep, dark antipathy mixed with impotent desperation and quite a bit of the devil’s standby emotion, fear.

The good news – heck, the great news – is that other nations are also waking up and preparing to join the winning side. Make no mistake, the good guys are winning. Mainly because they’re fighting. That’s really all it takes after one or one’s nation wakes up. India, Iran, Argentina, and probably Brazil and Turkey are boarding the high-speed train of the prosperous, free, normal future. More will follow – to include, eventually, names like Japan, Korea(s), Iraq, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Ukraine (yes), Poland (yes), Hungary (yes), France (yes), Mexico (yes), and many more. One day, perhaps places called “New England,” “[Old] England,” the “CSA,” “California,” and “New Africa” may sign up. The coup d’état will be when or if they land a country called Israel (yes).

And, all that shit in Ukraine? It’s old. Very, very, very old. Same story, different century. What’s literally happening, which is most different from the pitiful, idiotic lies the TeeVee has told you, is the latest iteration of a sequence of events in progress since about the Eighth Century. To get a more accurate picture of what’s been going on, and what will likely continue for maybe a little while longer, please read “200 Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. 

The book, a longer but powerful read, briefly covers an additional 1,000 years of history which is mostly and conveniently set in and between … Russia and Ukraine. Oddly enough, that history also involves the same two ultimate parties. Then as now, it was a struggle between Christians (the Russians) and satanists. (And no, Cleetus, the Ukrainian people are not the satanists. Read the book). Which side would you like to see prevail? The one, former side’s victory is assured, so choose wisely.

This is not a full review. But it is a shorter column. So, get to reading. Here, a final parting thought: why I had to link to the unofficial samizdat edition of such a fine and thorough work. Solzhenitsyn wrote it in modern Russia and published it in 2001. Still, as of now, we have no English translation to purchase that I am aware of. (Russian edition HERE). That’s because of the massive censorship of ideas, from the outside, allowed into places like dead Amerika. Let that sink in. A man famous in the Western world because he wrote a banned book now has another book banned by the Western world. So, as you read this illicit version in your own personal ‘Murican Gulag, kindly note all of the similarities between what Russia experienced from roughly 1800 until 2000 with what the US has experienced since around 1900. Chapters one, seven, and twenty-five are genuine eye-openers. 

Open your eyes. And read. And think. 

More, next time; carry on.