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The Beast is Cornered


What passes for news in the West is now so fake that it begins to surpass hilarity. What comes after that? Sympathy? Maybe of the end-of-Old-Yeller kind? Maybe.

Michael Bloomberg’s blog jumped the missiles and alerted the world that Russia had invaded Ukraine. This came as (fake) news to Moscow and Kyiv. Embarrassment aside, it must have been reassuring to Langley to see some of the old black budget money had properly if prematurely made its way into digital print. Next time, boys. 

Of their own accord, I think the Russians have no need to attack Ukraine. If they’re forced to act, say by utter stupidity out of DC, then I assume their response will be both proportional and overwhelming. And blindingly fast. I’m tempted to write that the fight, even against the whole machinery of the Pentagram, wouldn’t even be close – because it probably wouldn’t be. Cleetus, let me address your ultimate bluster: I don’t think the mutual destruction thing is mutually assured anymore; I can’t yet calculate odds, but I’d give the all-out nuclear win to Russia. The thing is, I think they’ve already won without having to fire the first shot. 

Right now, they’ve effectively halted NATO’s slow eastward advance. They have Washington’s puppet in Kyiv talking back to Washington. The Germans are even talking back. The rest of the world slowly notices that nothing horrible has, despite all the fake news, transpired. The DC Dark Swamp Cabal begins to look foolish. And stupid. And evil. Sometimes looks are not deceiving. 

Russia has managed, these past two decades, to remove itself from any position that can be manipulated by outsiders. Manipulation, or rather, the threat thereof, is about all that DC has anymore. It may be that the day of the SWIFT-proof Sino-Russian alliance has dawned. One-third of the world, the more cohesive, nationalistic third, would jump at the chance to do business with a financial system not run by satanists. More nations would soon follow.

The fake administration is in a terrible position as are their masters. They all know it – Nuland, Blinken, Garfinkle, Yellen, maybe even Brandon. Heck, the man they would rely on to fight their unwinnable war, Austin, just told the fools to cool the impotent bully act before someone gets killed. In one dull, demented mind after another, it occurs that the dead, rotting empire that could do nothing against the might of the Taliban has not even the proverbial snowball’s odds against a modern power. Let alone two.

Part of the wicked hatred in the hearts of too many foreign elite rulers of the USSA, for Russia, comes from the fact that too many of them are the direct ideological and/or co-ethnic descendants of Leon Trotsky. They bitterly recall their fathers’ just expulsion and may forever hold the grudge. The same scum now hates China with almost the same heat over that sane nation’s rejection of their offer to move in and “help.” Kicked out of the one and banned from the other. 

And, there’s just not much they can do about it. The late, already forgotten failure in Kazakhstan was supposed to be Ukraine 2014, 2.0. It was caught and killed in real-time. The color revolution just took up residence in Trotsky’s discarded basement in the house of history. Kapo Soros’s very recent comments about deposing Xi, via a similar coup, borders on the … hell, it crosses way over the border into the insane. It’s completely impossible. And trying it would be beyond dangerous. Like Russia, China has evidently won the latest, greatest battle against the forces of globalist iniquity without really having to do more than stand fast.

If there’s a third current party to the Alliance of the Nationalists, then it’s Iran. I’d estimate the odds of success against Tehran somewhere between those against the Taliban and China – in other words, doomed. The Iranians know it. Thus, like China and Russia, they’re just moving on while the globos sulk and stew. I wonder if they enjoy their bits of the fabricated press. That Times piece this week about the “new” missiles is years out of date and horrendously underestimating. I enjoyed it, for what that’s worth.

As an aside, the Prometheans are trapped where they are in the collapsing USSA. The other semi-plausible outlets for their escape would be Brazil and India, both of which are about to ally with the Nationalist Alliance. They’re stuck where they are and you, Americans, are stuck with them.

Know that as much as they hate Russia, China, the Islamic world, and most other places and peoples, they hate America and Americans just a little more. Not as much as they hate Jesus Christ and His Father, but it’s still a white-hot and atavistic abhorrence. Therein lies your, our danger.

This sad, tired, wounded thing in the corner is still a menace. Many teeth are broken, but the jaws are still strong. Many are missing, but the claws still attached are sharp. Shut down, shut out, and shut off from global terror and victory, they reason they can still wage hell on the American People. If you’ve been half-awake these past two years, then you know that’s a hard, horrible practice and not a theory. 

If we can stand fast, leave fear to the fearful, and resist the prevailing evil, then perhaps someday our children or their children can join the ranks of the free, reborn, civilized nations. Old Yeller’s in the barn. In the corner. Snapping and foaming. Should we consider paying him a final visit? 

UPDATE (2/11/22): If THIS alarmism is to be believed, then we may be about to see what true 21st-century warfare looks like when done right. Russia has (or would have) three probable objectives: 1) push NATO back a safe distance; 2) secure Russian demographic interests in Ukraine, and 3) get rid of Ukraine’s Brandon/Jerry Seinfeld character and fake government. A fourth honorable mention is/would be forcibly driving home to the globos that their day is well and truly over. Time will tell. Do keep in mind that these are the same alarmists who preached about an honest election in 2020, a bat-based pandemic, and 10,000 other hoaxes and lies.