Other than this shortest of “columns” I mean. Me? I’m halfway through, and losing interest in, the very interesting WHO RULES AMERICA by John McConaughy (1934). If you’re the average Amerikan idiot, then I hazard a guess your answer is … “uhhhhhh?” Whatever.

I’m throwing a lot of effort into the fiction, even as I keep meeting with one sign after another that the book writing, publishing, and reading world has gone the way of the dinosaur. I’m also throwing much effort into the PPN, which takes a lot of time and provides, as of yet, not a lot of return. All things in due time, right? All of this and more leaves me… Hell with it.

Tune in Saturday to the PPN for an update on who rules your dead country. What would you think of a religion that mandates murdering a three-year-old girl after her rape so that her rapist doesn’t look bad? (If you’re thinking anything other than that’s satanic and should be destroyed, then fuck off and never come back here again). Now, what would you think if this religion ran your government? Crazy, right?

That’s all I have the energy for now. Maybe more later or next week or whenever. Go read something for God’s sake!