Quick Questions and a Break


Greetings, baby birds! How’s the sidewalk?

I am not deep-sixing these columns yet, though, you know… The old blog is approaching ten years and 5,000 posts. I’m determined to get it there on both counts; what lies beyond is murky.

There’s more to write about than ever. And, in fact, I have been lately writing about as much as I ever have. Much of it, the best of it, is in the form of a new novel! I cannot discuss the details yet beyond the fact that it is not set in the Ironsides universe. There’s much more. In the end, I’d just like to write fiction. Getting there, I’d like to be a novelist who sometimes contributes columns or essays and/or hosts a prepper news podcast.

Anyway, to keep beating the geopolitical horse to absolute death, while simultaneously taking a little needed mental vacation, here are some questions for you, my American readers, to consider.

Can you define “American?”

Do you know your country is absolutely ruled by a small foreign elite?

Do you know who they are?

Know who helped them attain such power? (Hint: It was you).

Do you realize that their enemies are not your enemies? (Hint: one of their main enemies is you).

Do you or can you understand that they are your enemy?

Can you find Ukraine on a map?

Do you have any idea where Taiwan is located?

How has Vladimir Putin or any other modern Russia ever harmed you?

How has Xi Jinping or any other modern Chinese ever harmed you?

How has Ebrahim Raisi or any other modern Iranian ever harmed you?

How have any of the fictitious enemies your real enemies ever alarmedly pointed out harmed you?

Do you think Joe Biden is in charge of anything?

Have you read RFK Jr’s book on Fauci?

Have you read a book in the past year? Month?

Do you understand that the Qeshm Fars transport company now makes money by doing what they’re allegedly forbidden to do? Understand why?

Have a favorite Vaxx Trax tune?

Have you ever read anything written by Maimonides?

What’s your estimate of the sum(s) passed to US commercial banks via the “Repo” system since late summer 2019?

Does ten cents per page for a trade paperback sound about right?

And, that is more than enough for now. Short, easy column today. Onwards.