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The Evil Death Cult on the Potomac™ allowed its faction of GOP retards to sound off, loud and stupid, about the newest rUsSiA! RusSIa!! RuSsIa!!! mania.

Following the closed-doors meeting, the Republican contingent struck a hawkish tone.

“As of yet no one has given Vladimir Putin a bloody nose,” Mississippi’s Roger Wicker told reporters. “I think the alliance, our friends in NATO and a bipartisan majority are prepared to assist Ukraine in making sure that, if it happens, this time Vladimir Putin will get a bloody nose,” referring to US claims that Moscow is preparing to invade Ukraine.

Well, yee-haw! Whoop hiz azz like Corn Pop, Brandon!

Keep in mind, if these fools get their way, that “bloody nose” could be answered with a Hunga-Tonga “eruption” somewhere like New York harbor. The only solution for this debacle, of course, is to vote. Vote hard. Real hard. Really, really, really hard – like you mean it. A vote for the constitution, the flag, Israel, LGOPBT+P, and Lee Greenwood should be more than sufficient to deter the lowly Kanyon.