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Nearly two agonizing years ago, I first rolled out my excellent rebuttal idea of “spiritual tithing.” This was my answer to the dead, fake churches’ suggestion of spiritual communion. I mean, one’s as good as the…

Now, they say it hasn’t worked out so well?!

Biltmore United Methodist Church of Asheville, North Carolina, is for sale. Already financially strapped because of shrinking membership and a struggling preschool, the congregation was dealt a crushing blow by the coronavirus.

Attendance plummeted, with many parishioners staying home or switching to other churches that stayed open the whole time. Gone, too, is the revenue the church formerly got from renting its space for events and meetings.

Staying home – as they were commanded to. Or going to churches that Believed enough to remain open – as they have for the last 2,000 years. Who. Could. Have. Guessed? Besides me and 50 million other people?

Nice try blaming a pathetic and failed bioweapon hoax for the fruits of sheer lack of faith, the pandemic of churchianity.