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Prepare to be Stunned, Amazed, and Dismayed!


This column should be suitable for everyone although it is aimed at the wicked, retarded Amerikan majority.

Howdy, folks! Kindly adjust that second face mask, yank that magnetized spoon off your flabby arm, and pull up your pants. It’s time to talk about a good, old-fashioned ass-kicking!

I’ll get the funny part out of the way first. Many – and more than I’d thought possible – of you are slowly coming around to the stark reality that you have been lied to and victimized regarding the fake pandemic that never was. That’s really great and I am very proud of you. Even better, some few of you have begun to suspect that the “conspiracy theorists” have been right all along about a great number of things. They were and are right. You were too dumb to see the truth before. However, it is nice for some of you to finally wake up to the fact that your nation has been stolen by a satanic elite who hate you and who only lie to you. 

As nice as it is, it will be short-lived. I predict you are about to fall for another great hoax. In fact, I imagine most of you will go all-in for this one. “TV say bad people bad! USA! USA!

Your belligerent stupidity will very quickly turn into bitter disappointment – assuming you aren’t all blasted into irradiated dust first. Here’s hoping for the best! That what should be shall be.

What am I writing about, you ask? Reality, the bitch. 

There is a distinct and growing change that she is about to step right up and kick your teeth out. Get ready!

First, if you’ve stopped smoking weed or shooting fireworks or whatever long enough to watch the CIA shows on the telly, then know that – AGAIN! – they’re lying. Nothing of much importance is happening in Kazakhstan. Forget about it. In fact, that’s not really a real place. It’s kind of like Tunisia. It doesn’t exist.

As such, the “riots” and other hoopla are merely the fallout of another color revolution, the attempted erection of a second front against Russia by and for the evil foreign elites you have so foolishly turned your country over to. Putin is neither stupid nor timid. He instantly figured this one out and acted accordingly. It’s already over.

The more important action concerns Ukraine – which I am informed lies somewhere between Narnia and Oz. CNN and FAUX may not have told you, but all week in Switzerland, emergency talks have been underway been the Satanic States and the Russian Federation about whether Washington is stupid and evil enough to risk World War III over essentially nothing. Based on the reports I’m getting at press time, they are indeed so stupid and evil.

What you have heard is – surprise! – all more lies and projection. It is Washington and its Zionist masters who are the aggressors in Ukraine and against Russia. These are the same people who Stalin kicked out for being too wicked and extreme. They’re the same people who murdered millions of Ukrainians in the Holodomor. They’re the same people who have seized your government and culture and eviscerated your nation. They’re the same people who did the same thing to Ukraine a few years ago. This is an ancient cycle of craziness and not likely to end anytime soon. However, it is about to face a little overdue backlash.

The Russians are up against a wall with no place left to retreat. They are much more heavily armed and militarily savvy than you might believe. They are serious, righteous, and possessed of the moral high ground. Knowing that Washington’s words and those of the puppets in Kyiv are worthless, they may be preparing a powerful military offensive. 

Don’t quote me on that and I hope none of it … ah, hell. That what should be shall be.

If or when it comes, the speed and effectiveness of this martial action will stun and amaze. Russia could easily subdue and occupy Ukraine in a week. There is a very real possibility that the Ukrainian people and military, who both still remember the horrors of 1932, may side with the Russians. President Seinfeld and his fake government could quickly meet rope. Look for any foreign interlopers, Amerikans included, to be soundly smashed, destroyed, or ejected. The Russians may keep marching, mostly unopposed, until they render the idiotic threats of NATO mute.

Be all that as it might, there is nothing NATO, Ukraine, the EU, or the dead Empire can do to stop it. And, just about the time you’re tempted to dust off the old Toby Keith CDs and redneck strut around like a drunken rooster, there will probably be more!

Look for synchrony of action! The evil degenerates who rule you, who hate God, and who want to dominate or destroy the world, have made enemies of most proud, sane peoples. About the time the Russians act, look for the Chinese to do the same. Imagine Taiwan being pulled back in the Sino-fold in a hot afternoon. There probably won’t be much violence either unless Beijing decides to force US assets to a safer distance.

Again, there will be little in the way of stopping this. And, about the time you first curse the “Chi-Coms” and demand some ‘Murican revenge, the liars on the moving screen may tell you that the Reagan can’t deploy to the Med to fight them thar Red Russians (and be sunk) because it’s picking up Taiwanese “helpers” and other trash to be immediately imported to a town near you. And then …

Iran hits Israel. Or imperial assets in the Gulf region. Or the Saudis. Or all three at once. As with Russia and China, nearly everything you’ve ever been told about Iran is a lie. The truth is that the afore-mentioned satanists have been beating the otherwise peaceful Muslim country up for about seventy years, going hard and heavy for most of the past fifty. Like the Russians, the Iranians are damned tired of this treatment. And like the Russians, they are probably equipped to deal with it. Proportionally and smartly, but as harshly as required.

You ignored me when I pointed out, two years ago, what Iranian missiles did to the Empire in Iraq. You ignored me when I pointed out, last year, what Hamas missiles did to Israel. I know you’re a bit slow, but the next natural pointing-to involves seeing what Iranian missiles can do to the IDF-ASA and Mossad.

At this point, you’ll get whipped into an apoplectic rage. However, short of dropping John Hagee, aka “Fat Boy,” on Tehran, there is not much to do about it at all. Yes, if this happens, or just parts of it, some of you will start screaming about “nuke they azz!’ Thankfully, that’s probably not even a possibility anymore. And, if it is, then here’s hoping you enjoy irradiated dust. Go ahead and start yelling when you’re ready.

In the end, if you survive, you may come to learn you’ve been duped yet again. The people you’re likely to trust and believe are evil. The people they lie to you about are essentially the Anti-Globalist Alliance or the “good guys.” Stop siding with people who hate you and who hate God. They will, as always, ask or demand you go fight their war(s) for them. Perhaps you’ll want to. But this time, things will be different. They may not even tell you about the defeat(s). Even you should be able to eventually figure those out. It will be like the death of an old friend. Or, like the death of an old abusive friend you’ve been enabling. It’ll hurt a little either way. 

Also, all of the above does not include the very real chance of a French civil war, which would siphon off a good part of NATO’s power. It also overlooks another possible front a little closer to you. Once dominos start falling and all.

You have few ideas. You have no idea, specifically, about what’s coming. Neither do I, exactly. I just don’t want you taken by surprise. Which you will be regardless. 

Oh, well. Go Dawgs!