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Another year is almost in the books and THANK GOD 2021 is passing by.

Here are a few random thoughts about the end of one year and the coming of the next one.

If you enjoy these columns and/or my blog in general, then please make sure to bookmark the site. As I continue to de-link from post-modernity, one of the things on the chopping block might be the email “Follow” feature. 

The columns found a new (old) home back here following my departure from the little paper that has since gone back to its roots. All’s well!

Much of the rest of my more recent posting consists of simple links to the PPN daily shows. These keep growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. I think it’s now safe to say it’s the biggest little prepper news podcast in the world. Look for bigger and better things with the show come sometime next year. Maybe be ready to $ubscribe. 

Those of you who watch or listen to the show know that as of January the First, all talk of “COVID” will center entirely on the war aspects, the war crimes, and the prosecution of the same. This is my personal outlook as well. There will be no third year of this most insidious retardery for me and mine. If that’s not for you, then, by all means, take your tenth(?) booster, stroke out, and go away.

I did enjoy much of the past twelve months. In addition to watching the final death of the Old US, the hilarious victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the rise of the Anti-Globalist Alliance, and the continuing madness over the common cold, I cut substantial ties with a variety of idiots, heathens, headcases, and drunks. This will continue in 2022. I’m hoping that the phone goes in 2023, with the departure from electricity sometime before the end of the decade (irrespective of the general loss as the dead society slips through civil war into third-world darkness). 

I fell in love with Gal Gadot this year! See, show him a beautiful and true woman, and even a curmudgeonly Luddite will see a beautiful and true woman in a sea of otherwise useless crap.

You too, I can tell. May’s Gal Gadot: Good, True, and Beautiful was by far the most popular column and post on the site this year. I stand by every word, though now I could add three times more!

*Yes, I am aware of this week’s “Illuminati Eye” photo(s). It’s 1) a joke, 2) she’s playing another role, or 3) see my original first paragraph about the sultriness. If – then – okay. No Gammas.

Did you know I have graduated to full, master curmudgeon? Yes. New powers to be wielded at will.

There has to be more fiction ahead. Maybe some more non-fiction. I have (or practically have) a “real” publisher now. Stand by the credit cards and so forth.

Part of this year has been difficult because I maxed out on many important topics. I look forward to new energy in the coming months. I might even repeat a few of those topics, perhaps repeatedly. 

Before I get to the next random thing, I remembered that nearly three years ago I wrote something for that deceased rerooted little paper about other little papers – three small-town news outfits that then still got the job done. We’re down to one now. Keep the Rocket Blowing, gents and gals. 

A very few of you who attended university with me in another distant century might recall my mocking relabeling of UGA’s Red & Black newspaper as the “Gay & Black” – owing to the target demographics as gleaned from the articles. For whatever reason, the other week I read a little from the Red & Black Gay & Black. Very little has changed… But I did find out that the Dunkin Donuts on Prince recently suffered a fire. That made me think of several things.

For one, I’ll not ever need to read the G&B again. For another, I’m no longer impressed with UGA. At all. In fact, around the time these digital pages go dark and a little manual typewriter starts hammering, I foresee a series of degrees, diplomas, and certificates being renounced. 

For yet another thing: what memories from the Dunkin Donuts on Prince! The one that came rushing back was about a morning some years ago. We’ll say it was 1979. This was, by the way, before Fred the Baker started rising before dawn to “make the donuts.” While en route to the mountains, an old class-C RV pulled into the Dunkin lot from Milledge. My old man and my mom’s dad went inside for sugar and caffeine. I stayed up in the comfy, spacious bed over the cab, where all the cool kids rode in old Winnebegos back in the day. It was lethally dangerous and yet, somehow, we all survived. 

We were stronger then. We had a little left of that thing called freedom. We had more affordable donuts too. Now, we have a crime against humanity, freaks destroying higher education, and a citizenry too stupid to really notice or care. Then again, we also have Mrs. Gadot. And the promise of another new year. We have these grand words of grumpy nostalgic wisdom. Not so bad, now, is it?

Happy New Year, 2022! Onward.