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Tidings of “Comfort and Joy”


Here follows just a few observations and thoughts about the vehicular terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin this past weekend.

I’m not exactly certain, but I think I am tired of these columns. I am most definitely tired of the subject matter.

“Comfort and Joy” was the title of this year’s Christmas Parade in Waukesha. The participants and attendees received neither.

Waukesha – the City, the Village, and the County – all still look mostly like Old America. Yet, like almost all other places, they too slowly succumb to the hellish ravages of the Curse of 1965. Remember, in total, net terms, the US lost 627,000 Posterity Americans last year. That was a substantial increase over the hefty loss in 2019; we can expect 2021 to be even worse. Six more are guaranteed dead, thanks to this latest terror.

Six people, five older Americans and one child, are dead. Some forty people, about half of them children, are wounded. These numbers may change. Many if not most or all of these victims are Heritage Americans.

Waukesha is not far from Kenosha, home to the Rittenhouse Justice. While I do not know precisely, I hazard a guess that this attack was a form of revenge or retaliation against the White People of Wisconsin, committed either because of the Great Acquittal or because of sheer hatred and acceleration.

This attack looked A LOT like similar attacks previously seen in the US and, especially, in Europe.

The government and its paid-for, controlled media have been quick to dispute my labeling, saying this was not a terror attack – thus confirming that it was. To them, ask any Garfinkle, terrorism is only committed by White People upset about their nation being stolen and their children being indoctrinated in satanism. They are full of shit.

Stop listening to the full of shit media and their masters.

Their constipation was on display immediately. As soon as the first reports rolled in, and even before any description or mention of the suspect was made, they offered an excuse for him. A narrative. We have no idea who did this. No information at all. Uh, b-b-but he was just, um, fleeing an unrelated knife incident. Yeeah… The local police chief refuted this idiocy, though no one at the Langley MSM seems to have noticed.

As usual, the alleged suspect, Darrell Brooks, aka “ThugBoy” (or something), a “rapper,” is and was well, well, I mean really well known to authorities. This happens to correspond to my first law of terrorism. 

ThugBoy, the “rapper,” was, is, among other things, a raving, semi-literate madboy, a repeat felony offender, a self-admitted and convicted(?) child molester, not a fan of Kyle Rittenhouse, allegedly a proponent of violence against White People, especially “old [W]hite ppl,” and was, at the time of the attack, out on (ridiculously low) bail for trying to run over a “baby mama” with the same SUV alleged used in the parade. If there really was a knife incident, what are the odds he was the perpetrator?

The usual suspects of social media, many of them with echoing names like “Feinberg” and “Lemanski” instantly began mocking and gloating. Remember that.

There may or may not be a future conviction related to this attack. There will be more attacks.

All these facts being what they are or may, I assume that by press time on Wednesday this story will be somewhere down the memory hole. The names of the victims are being grudgingly leaked, evidently, so they can be forgotten. One should pray for the families left behind and for the losses to not be entirely in vain.

This episode illustrates many things. One of them is the general divide between good and evil. Those who compare it to any legitimate self-defense case are stupid if not evil. Those who mock and gloat are purely evil. There is no reconciling with such people. Interestingly, tellingly, few to none are currently calling for unity or healing. Ergo, I need not waste digital ink on how that is no longer possible.

The United States, what’s left of it, is in the early stages of a civil war. The conflict is multi-partied, multifaceted, and it has yet to go “hot.” Your acknowledgment of this reality is not necessary. Again, being a dumb casualty is the default in these kinds of matters. For now, Posterity America has yet to actively engage except by providing victims. While the war is still cold, it does flare up from time to time. This was one of those times. 

The correct order, again, is: identity > culture > politics. By the time a nation’s identity has been lost or subverted, taking the prevailing culture with it, the politics of things like no cash bail are moot. 

This episode highlighted the strength of DIEveristy, which is largely the elimination – in this case literally – of Posterity Americans. Diversity + proximity = war. No amount of fictitious American exceptionalism will exempt us from this universal truth. 

Should one wish to survive the war, one would do well to change the thinking. War. Footing.

Sadly, the time has come to selectively abandon some of the more pleasant aspects of the old ways of life in America. We all enjoyed parades, concerts, and other trivialities. However, it would be best to now avoid any and all mass public gatherings. Yes, the odds of something bad happening are low … until something bad happens. Then the odds jump to 100%.

I know that you’re special and different. Your town is still okay. You’re a badass combat vet. You’re a friend of the encroaching darkness. Your head is firmly in the sand. Whatever. Again and again, becoming a casualty is the default. 

When one is out, anywhere, keen situational awareness is now mandatory.

It would be best to be armed, whether you’re “there” or not. This is a general rule. No, small arms don’t tend to stop speeding SUVs. The police tried that and failed; there’s a video. Vehicles are generally stopped or deterred by belt-fed machine guns and rockets. Patience.

I am tired of these columns. Part of me hopes the old energy returns. Part of me.

One truly wonders how many of these incidents it will take to wake the slumbering masses. As most people are still asleep, or worse, already defeated, count on nobody riding to the rescue.

Take heart in the knowledge that some semblance or remnant of Western Civilization will survive and eventually flourish again. There’s the true comfort and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.