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An Update on a Real Pandemic


For whatever reason, I’ve been attending “functions” lately. At one, just a week or so ago, someone asked me if I had received my hoax booster. Happily, I replied, “friend, I never even wore the mask!” And I won’t, my part in this pitiful affair being two-fold: 1) ridiculing the damned thing mercilessly, and 2) participating, if I’m ever possible, in the justice phase (which is slowly taking shape). 

My dear and wonderful Prepper Post News listeners and watchers, whom I love, know that on January 1, 2022, we will transition from “hoax” reporting to strict war and crimes against humanity coverage.

However, even as the Corona bullshit utterly falls apart, as we know and have known, there is a real affliction upon humanity, driven by the same hellish forces behind the late hoax. This real pandemic has a real and terrible death toll. 

At another recent event, I had the privilege of speaking with a good Priest about the Wrath of God upon unworthy, fallen America. He summed the situation up as paraphrase: “You can’t murder seventy million babies and expect to escape Judgement.” He was correct about the inescapable and the deserved; his number was off a little. And only just a little…

A recent look at the most horrifying clock in the world:

Screenshot around Noon on November 1, 2021; it is worse now.

In the USSA alone, this year, we’ve already wantonly killed more victims than those who have allegedly died from the damned hoax that never ends (again, being alleged based on obvious lies). We’re on track for a 2021 death toll of approximately 865,000. Your smug, retarded, wicked friends who push the “vaccine” and the masks haven’t murmured a word about this toll, have they?

His side is mildly alarmed, his silence aside. Texas has done a number on the Religion of Roe and has thus far prevailed legally. Satan’s tiny servants have plotted a “what if” scenario in the event the useless Nine uphold the law and human dignity. As shown by their map, little will change if Roe is stricken as it should be outside of a little travel inconvenience. 

That’s just in the fallen US. Worldwide, the problem is an order of magnitude worse as Jon Rappoport explained recently. 125,000 murders every day is how the 1.633 Billion number, above, came about.

Back in the former America, is it not a little odd or telling that the 63 million murdered babies over the past 50 years, 45 million of them Heritage Americans, just happens to be very similar to the number of incompatible not-Americans brought in during the same period? The Great Replacement and the Great Reset are nothing new. They’ve been operational, in the US and across the globe, for decades and decades. They both are the products of the same supernatural evil. They both cry out to Heaven for justice and vengeance.

Whatever economic, political, or societal ill one concentrates on at the moment, please remember that it is most likely a part of that deserved vengeance. This is a real pandemic. It was preventable. It has casualties. It will be answered for.