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Last night’s fun in Beantown was somewhat reminiscent of one of my previous columns about the changes in Andover, Mass. Affirming so many Mencken quotes, the voters spoke loud and stupid.

Boston voters, marking a key milestone in the city’s long political history, for the first time elected a woman and an Asian American as mayor on Tuesday, tapping City Councilor Michelle Wu to serve in the city’s top political office.

Wu’s victory marks a turning point for the city. Boston had only elected white men as mayor before her.

Looks like all problems have been solved forever! Or, maybe they should rename the place “LOSTon.”

A double foreign, double Harvard alien outsider, triple curse. Just what the Pilgrims ordered. Read the whole thing, about the Arab-Polish Bostonian Lostonian Amerikans and all. Now would be the time if the British, the Indians, or anyone else want to claim or reclaim the old Bay Colony.

Conrats, Ru.