I tidied up the left sidebar a little this morning. (Thank you, WP, for be-blocking the Widget experience…).

I also have a new policy on linking to this site. Of course, “hot” links are welcome as for simple quotes. I use those myself and frequently. All I ask is for some kind of hypertext link back to my original. Easy. Occasional full-text republication is also welcomed and does not require advance notice or permission. Again, just include a link back here and maybe my name as an attribute. Simple, easy, etc. However, if this practice becomes frequent (as defined by me), essentially amounting to syndication, then payment will be required.

As for outside requests for new paid content creation by me for any entity not my own or of the Freedom Prepper family, I have new starter rates. If I do not object to the subject matter, the beginning rate is $30 per word with a minimum of 1,000 words. Half will be required upfront – unless the requesting party has a history of “issues,” in which case 100% will be required before anything commences. This covers first drafting and is roughly in accordance with WGA-W A++ large production pricing. Exceptions might exist.

Reader content, now headed towards year ten(!), remains a free service.

Thank you and you’re welcome. P