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We know that Texas, like most states, is currently under an actual invasion by hostile forces. Thus, pursuant to the plain language of everyone’s favorite dead dinosaur and museum exhibit, Texas can declare and wage war on: the invaders; the countries sending the invaders; the primary country facilitating the invaders, and; anyone else who helps the invaders.

Part of the war being waged on Texas involves, in addition to importing foreign invaders, the murder of the youngest native Texans. Texas surprisingly passed a tough and just law to stop the latter attack. And, unsurprisingly, a federal enemy combatant has done what enemy combatants do:

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S., calling it an “offensive deprivation” of a constitutional right by banning most abortions in the nation’s second-most populous state since September.

I suppose I should phrase it as “anyone even indirectly helping the invaders or any other party to the invasion.”

None of this will happen, of course, because despite it all being “legal” and people like Abbott claiming to love anything so long as it’s “legal,” there’s a disconnect from reality that simply cannot be fixed at this time. More innocents will die, but the disconnect will be fixed eventually. Then, there will be an offensive against the real deprivation.

Deus vult.