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Without needing to know anything else, I hereby endorse Nimrata Haley for the 2024 GOP presidential ticket(-taking affair). She, this hideous excuse for a human being, is precisely what the shit stupid conservatives deserve.

Putting for dirty foot forward for a potential 2024 run, the war-mongering not-American babbled about Reagan, Lincoln, and Washington. This she exposed and exhalted herself for the curse she is:

Haley highlighted her own narrative, of a child of immigrants from India who plunged into politics, as an example of what the country has to offer. “I haven’t just seen the American story. I’ve lived the American story. And take it from me, the first female and first minority governor of South Carolina: America is not a racist country,” she said in the biggest applause line of the night.

How about the demographics of the (early) Reagan era? Better yet, how about returning to the demographic control and pure, unabashed, definitional American Nationalism of Washington’s day?

GOP, prove you are just as wicked and retarded as the low degenerates of South Carolina! Nominate this evil, foreign, pagan woman as your party’s leader! Being an integral part of the Dark State, she is one of the few RepubliCONs who could possibly get “elected” in the dark future.

Haley/Brahma 2024: Let Evil Ring!