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This might warrant more attention later. For now, based on the terrible shooting at the Texas high school, consider:

    • Timberview HS is a model institution based on the cherished ideas of DIEversity (it’s literally the school that the neoBabelists would design);
    • Integration really has worked out so very well;
    • A .45 pistol is a kind of AR-15;
    • A Dodge Charger is also a kind of AR-15;
    • A defense attorney chauffer is another kind of AR-15;
    • Government “schools” do not, of course, cause school shootings – any assertion to the contrary is a baseless conspiracy theory;
    • Once again, the dreaded White supremacist racist militia terrorists resorted to disguising one of their own as a young black male;
    • Tribal warfare is real;
    • UPDATE: We need criminal “justice” reform – good boys who didn’t do nothing can’t even post ridiculously low bonds and walk free immediately;
    • UPDATE: I think this one is already done, dusted, and forgotten; and
    • Amerika is now a third-world country.

As I said, maybe more later. This is nothing that 60,000 additional Haitians can’t cure. Chins up.