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While I’m still not sure the entire sport of football can be written off for, as Tweeted by the NFL, being “gay,” it appears at least one fan could be.

During a football game in Sanford Stadium on Sept. 11, UGAPD responded to a complaint about a man masturbating in a bathroom, according to a UGAPD report.

A teenage boy told police he went to the bathroom just before half-time and saw a man masturbating over a urinal. The teen also said the man watched him while he was using a urinal, according to the report.

America is back!

Also, to my knowledge, the Red & Black has yet to match the suspect, Tritavious Malik Harris, arrested for the evening parking deck attack to his picture or demographic description. Is there some sort of privilege at work?! At any rate, even the student victims in Athens are starting to notice reality:

“Athens at night is super duper unsafe,” student Izzy Wagner told Channel 2′s Tom Jones. “People are starting to notice that it’s becoming like Atlanta. Like how bad the crime is there.”

A quick check of the Census reports and … wow! Izzy is almost right. (BTW, she was the cutest Olympic mascot ever; nice to see her working with the great Tom Jones). It’s not quite the ATL, but it is getting there.

Enough for now. It’s time to get ready for NCAA week four! Just, uh, watch out in the restrooms. And parking decks. The streets. Cities. Etc.