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Adjusted Numbers, Sustained Outlook


Last month, I wrote about the in-progress demographic collapse and destruction of the American nation and the in-progress breakup of the United States. The column was somewhat popular and I thank you. And I knew it wasn’t going to be published in certain quarters. That’s all fine and well, though I sense that even in those places the walls of reality are getting so close as to warrant frustrated attention.

The frustration grows. For some reason – call it continuing scholarship … or morbid curiosity – I again consulted the Census numbers for 2020. Our stalwart government servants are indeed leaking the information out slowly so as to torture Americans for as long as possible. Well, those Americans that remain. 

Previously, I pondered:

If the number happens to be -439,000, then we will be knocked back to the same population we were at two decades ago, 195,975,000. In other words, Whites have remained statistically stagnant this entire Century even as the total US population has increased by 50 million people. That accounts for the drop of the White percentage of the population from 69.1% in 2000 to less than 60% today (likely 57-59%).

[In 2020, there was a net loss of 482,000 Whites, sufficient to erase all gains of the entire 21st Century. The total loss, from 2016 through 2020, is 1,245,103. Assuming the trend continues this year, we could stand, at the end of December, with 2,000,000 fewer Whites. All other measured groups continue to gain population, both as percentage shares and in total numbers. Additionally, we absorb, daily, around 7,000 illegal invaders (that the Empire knows about). That means that as we lose another 500,000, 600,000, or 700,000+ Whites in 2021, they will be replaced by approximately 2,000,000 not-Americans, almost 100% of them non-White.

I think it is safe to say that the promises from the Senate, regarding the Hart-Celler Evil Act of 1965, that there would be no noticeable demographic changes, were all intentional and calculated lies. It is also safe to remove the false and slanderous “conspiracy theory” label from the Great Replacement, now, reality and not any kind of theory, as it is statistically and observably demonstrable and is a reality that the modern architects boast about with glee].

Hark! They revised some of the data, which I genuinely believe reflects honest and accurate reporting. The results are honestly, accurately depressing. There is a wee bit of fuzziness concerning the total number of Whites alive today, adjusted up from about 195 million to 196 million. That’s within the margin of error and not a concern (outside the 57-59% of the population part). The problem is that the net decline in Whites during 2020 was not 439,000, nor 482,000. Based on the most recent assessment, which, again, I think is fair and accurate, we lost another 627,854 Whites in 2020. 

Pick a comparable metro area and imagine it just vanishing. B-A-D.

In the past five years, we have lost a net total of almost 1.4 million Heritage Americans. If 2021 is anything like 2020, then the number rises to 2 million and some change. If the constant trend of increase continues, we may have already reached or exceeded that total.

The rates and numbers of White births and deaths have essentially been reversed. As older Whites die off at a slowly accelerating pace, fewer young Whites are having children. It’s math, not magic – though there is evil behind it, like a satanic plan unfolding.

Part(s) of that plan are seeing hospital maternity wards close as the governing idiots terminate the intelligent nurses who refuse to poison themselves. The plan resulted in a forecast that America will need fewer OBGYNs and pediatricians this decade and beyond. Of course, if American women aren’t having children, what would be the point otherwise?

When a People die out, their culture dies with them. We’re already seeing it, seeing the replacement. There’s a reason why the National Archives just added “warning labels” to the sacred Constitution and other early American documents. The replacement population, having no interest in the enlightenment, limited government, freedom, or civilization, are offended that men in America once revered those things. But, we’re all equal and so forth…

Should one track the decline, just this century – and I don’t really recommend the effort – then one will notice that the real slide started in 2008. Previously, despite the slowing of our growth, we did manage to add another 300-400,000 new Whites each year. However, in 2008 the great decrease commenced. It led us into a virtual standstill in 2015, and into red, negative territory in 2016. Each year thereafter, the numbers keep getting worse (assuming one cares about America, that is).

The reader will recall what inevitability befell the US back in 2008. These numbers are proof that the damaging effects of the Great Recession have never ended, in fact, growing worse, year to year. 

These effects are the product of many factors. Chief among them are the Boomers abortion genocide of younger White generations and the collapsing of the globohomo monetary and economic Ponzi scheme in the US. In other words, two of the greatest contributors to the demise are (and were) demographics and debt.

The third to half of Generation X, the Millennials, and Gen Z murdered by our selfish, stupid older generations, were replaced by a never-ending stream of incompatible foreigners. There is no magic dirt and there are no magic words; these new peoples are not and never will be Americans. Yet, they grow while we decline.

The unaborted Whites of the past 50 years faced cultural, political, and economic challenges never faced by any cohort of Americans before. All the while, the wicked Boomers preached the same exceptional lies of exceptionalism that they themselves had helped to make impossible in attainment. Young Whites have been misled into debt and despair to the point where they cannot afford to have children – while living the fake “American dream,” that is. The kids were already struggling up the hill; 2008 tossed a grenade down the slope. 

Are there solutions? Of course! The formula can be reversed with relative ease by simply having more Posterity children while deporting incompatibles. Both of those things will happen, God willing, in the new European, Western nations that form in the wake of the unfolding Balkanization of the Disunited States. They won’t or can’t happen in the here and now because too many people cannot see or refuse to see the problem, let alone speak of solving it. In fact, the most debased of these fools still refuse to recognize that there is an “us,” let alone a “them.”

All of this is the end result of the embrace of both wickedness and stupidity. One by itself is bad enough; together they are a nation-destroying combination. And all of this was to be expected. There’s even a Book that promises such affliction in payment for wickedness. Here we are.