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It’s not mine either.

Nearly thirty years ago, I used to prep for classes by drinking coffee and reading The Red & Black. Based on this story, it appears little has changed except for a slow slide further down the path to degenerate irrelevance.

In defiance of the USG’s rule against mandatory masking, a haggard psych professor threw a tantrum and abruptly resigned mid-class after one of his female students refused to wear a face diaper. Her explanation that she “couldn’t breathe” – a sacred rally call just last year – was met by Professor Bernstein’s intergenerational vampirism – he’s 88 and could die from “COVID-19” because of all his other “age-related problems,” so wear a diaper or else, young people!

In other words, even though he’s lived beyond normal life expectancy (even serving in the IAF(?)), he expects young men and women to sacrifice their health so he can eke out another year or so. All over a hoax, mind you.

We also get commentary from the Banana and Hot Ebony dynamic duo.

It’s not my imagination nor mere anecdotal evidence. This brand of idiocy is far more rampant than one would think possible even at a state school in the current year. I rechecked the most accurate demographic figures and it really isn’t the UGA of any part of the 20th Century.

While I have already done so practically, I am on the edge of totally, officially dissociating myself from this now failed institution. Go Dawgs! Just go. Somewhere else. Thanks.