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Literally cutting it up with power saws while a mob of angry primitives howls with retarded glee.

A crowd erupted in cheers and song Wednesday as workers hoisted one of the nation’s largest Confederate monuments off a pedestal where the figure of Gen. Robert E. Lee towered over Virginia’s capital city for more than a century.

The statue was lowered to the ground just before 9 a.m., after a construction worker who strapped harnesses around Lee and his horse lifted his arms in the air and counted, “Three, two, one!” to jubilant shouts from hundreds of people. A work crew then began cutting it into pieces.

At this point, these heathens don’t deserve to deal drugs and commit violence and idiocy under the watch of an infinitely superior American man. But, this savage act is more than symbolic. The fabric of the nation burns.

Now, one wonders when Coonman and his useless idiot howlers will move on to removing those 5 million or so smaller monuments to “White supremacy” littering their devolving third-world toilet.

Churchill too.