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Last week’s column, Americans Finally Benefit From Washington’s Longest War, was my final regular submission to TPC. Their version was accompanied by this ending note:

That’s how history goes.

Every chapter of history comes to a close. This is the final regular C.F. Floyd Column of National Affairs, at least as written by me, for the Piedmont Chronicles. Everything has a season and everything comes to an end. I look forward to occasionally contributing somewhat periodic articles on topics of my choosing. In parting, I offer thanks and well wishes to M.B. and to the TPC team and audience.

May God bless and save the West.

-Perrin Lovett

It was published with an editor’s note:

*ed. note: after an almost 3 & 1/2 yr run, TPC’s CF Floyd Feature Column of Affairs National article by Perrin Lovett, is winding its way to an end. It’s been quite the ride w/ nary a dull moment (or lack of controversy). Big thanks to my old Terry College classmate for putting out some exceptional content here & nothing but best wishes as he concentrates more on his multiple other projects. And fear not, fearless readers, Perrin remains a Contributor here at the old newssite & says he will be making semi-occasional contributions moving forward. Also, stay tuned for the reboot of the CF Floyd Feature Column of Affairs National by MB McCart here in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for reading. -MBM

I look forward to providing semi-regular commentary at TPC on those subjects that I think their readership will appreciate. That last piece was the first new material of mine they published in two months. I think there is a divergence if not a disconnect, maybe more than one, but that it is natural. I think there is a mild aversion to some of the “controversy.” Originally, that was part of why I was recruited. Now, as I press further to the right while others do not, things change. All well and good!

They will, I believe, enjoy this year’s annual installment of the TPC Halloween Spooktacular, which is already taking shape in my mind.

Here and elsewhere, the column rolls on as usual. Many thanks to my new syndicating friends out there! *Thanks* And, these columns may soon find their way into the weekly rotation at FP, with the ability to discuss or comment at FPC. And … there is a push, slow but steady (and not by me), to move things to somewhere like Unz, Taki, and/or AmRen. Time will tell.

And this week’s adventure will likely be about time and how things changed in one small New England town over the years. Soon.