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As I type this, the people of Afghanistan are regaining control of their nation after 20 years of occupation by the satanic USian empire. On the dying homefront, dissolutioned veterans of the utterly failed and pointless war are understandably upset.

Taliban fighters capture Kandahar, Herat and Lashkar Gah in sweeping territorial gains, Amenta recounted memories of Jay A. Blessing of Tacoma, Wash., a goofy friend and fellow Army Ranger who used to put hot sauce on everything: “I mean, literally everything. He put hot sauce on ice cream.” Blessing was killed by an improvised bomb in Asadabad, Afghanistan, in 2003.

“I mean, why did my friend get blown up? For what?” said Amenta, who has recently spoken to nearly six dozen veterans from the post-9/11 wars to write a book that will be released next month.

Why? Because he, and you, were duped into fighting a pointless war only in the interests of international satanists. This was the only outcome, really. And, while you were away, the same evil bastards turned Tacoma and other Mayberrys into something resembling a bus station in El Salvador. Empires have terrible costs. Fortunately, this one is all but terminated. Use your anger to help expel the wicked alien controllers and build new societies of peace and homogeneity. Be like the Taliban and reclaim what was stolen.