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…to weed out bad employers.

Vaccination is increasingly a requirement to be hired, as employers ranging from accounting and software firms to schools and restaurants are asking applicants to be inoculated against Covid-19.

The share of job postings stating that a new hire must be vaccinated has nearly doubled in the past month, according to the job search site Indeed. The total number remains low, roughly 1,200 postings requiring a vaccination per million in the first week of August. But that is well up from about 600 in early July, and about 50 per million job postings in early February.

No wonder these shits can’t find any workers. They pay literally nothing AND they expect their slaves to commit suicide. Fuck that! If I used idiotic spy sites like linkedout, I’d have an upfront disclaimer that I did not want to hear from any outfit that was in any way supportive of the Great Hoax or any other evil. Workers of the world, unvaxx!