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Around 1:00 PM today, we may get some answers in re the 2020 demographic demise report. Last week, I pondered whether the drop for 2020 would be -439,000, sufficient to erase White population growth this century. It appears so; the number they’re floating is -482,000. How many will we lose in 2021? If the trend of acceleration continues, it could be close to 1 million. I think we know how Mr. Jarmin (EST?) will spin this and how the fake Harris administration will embrace it.

UPDATE: Listening to the runup for this sad spectacle, they openly admit and brag about using “fuzzy” statistical data. LOL. LULZ. OMG. 2033.

UPDATE: I think it’s safe to say the claims about changes in re the Hart-Celler Act were utter lies. They’re excitedly gloating now. Thanks to Michael Snyder for getting /our/ question asked. The answer was, “Who cares? Diversity!” I will examine what torturous data is available when I recover.