Which, I guess, is just like getting paid.

So, tomorrow’s the end of July. Wow. This month, this year, this being free of the social media idiocy is different. But better. Ditching FB and the other retarded SMs cost me many clicks. Going full nationalist and Christian fundamentalist has driven away some lingering riff-raff. And, the effects of the hoax are also felt in small part here. However, the quality has improved dramatically. Thank you for all you do.

As an added service, I may ban all vaxxed Covidiots in the near future or, alternatively, force them to view the site from a special tech bubble of sorts. No need to suffer any poison shedding around here while the dupes drive their own pandemic towards fulfillment.

Let’s see … traffic is up a bit; one of the best months so far this year. August is right around the weekend corner. More soon. Know it when you read it. Etc.