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Forget the medical spying. Forget the ridiculous hoax. The next generation of doctors doesn’t even believe in men and women.

When sex is acknowledged by her instructors, it’s sometimes portrayed as a social construct, not a biological reality, she says. In a lecture on transgender health, an instructor declared: “Biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender are all constructs. These are all constructs that we have created.”

In other words, some of the country’s top medical students are being taught that humans are not, like other mammals, a species comprising two sexes. The notion of sex, they are learning, is just a man-made creation.

The idea that sex is a social construct may be interesting debate fodder in an anthropology class. But in medicine, the material reality of sex really matters, in part because the refusal to acknowledge sex can have devastating effects on patient outcomes.

These students, as soon as they become MDs, should explain to the schools and the Shylocks that student debts are just social constructs and not obligations (which would be, unlike this craziness, absolutely correct). But this is the inmates running the asylum – straight into the ground. If you plan to become ill, maybe try to do it in a civilized, sane country, if one may still be found. In the near future, these witch doctors may start burning their patients alive and eating them. Ain’t gonna end well.