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The Admissions Keep Coming … To What Avail?


The SARS-HIV-mRNA hoax, war, and war crime is marching along towards, what, eighteen months? Call it two years. As hard as they worked on the virus, it’s still remarkably weak, medically speaking. Thanks to the stupidity and faithlessness of the general population, the societal effects have been extreme, to say the least. Due to the inexplicable acceptance of this utter bullshit, I’m still standing by my original call of a “ridiculous low-effort hoax.” 

The real, physical problem appears to be the murderous dysgenic effects of the fake vaccine, which is really the powerful follow-up cross of the one-two bioweapon attack. Today, the previously-feared specter of ADE or Antibody Dependent Enhancement is kicking in. This explains the surge in cases and deaths which the liars falsely attribute to the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Amazingly but not surprisingly, the various governments of the world are reporting mostly accurate information. For example, Scotland just admitted that only 596 Scots died of “COVID” from March 2020 until January 2021 while 5,522 died of or with the “vaccine” between December 2020 and June 2021. 59.6 dead per month of “COVID” and 789 dead per month with or of the “vaccine.” There’s wiggle room based on the with/of distinction among the mRNA deaths. However, accounting for the facts that the official numbers, as damning as they appear, are still rigged in favor of the hoax, and given the approximate rates of from/of in the fake pandemic itself, a range of possibilities emerges. At best, the “vaccine” must essentially be the disease itself, no deadlier or safer. At worst, the fix is 13.5 times more dangerous than the underlying disease. In the latter scenario, a strong case for ADE presents itself. And this is from the short to medium-term effects. We’re probably beginning to see long-term carnage especially in the form of infertility. If the ADE scenario is extreme, total, and if the mRNA poison sterilizes women, then humanity could face an extinction-level crisis: no more children and no more future.

The lack of children will present rather uncomfortable problems for people like Amerika’s fake president and head puppet of the governing satanic cult, Joe “Pinches” Biden.

There is a distinct reason I sometimes add “VP&C” to the devil’s rainbow acronym – because on the heels of all the other sodomite freaks are the vampires, pedophiles, and cannibals. Biden went off script and admitted part of this TWICE in the same day, both times on camera. Watch and listen carefully to the two videos here. The painful babbling of this dementia case and the horrible apologies by the hard leftists at FAUX News aside, he’s admitting that members of his cult drink the blood of children. They frequently admit this elsewhere. Like the “COVID” truth, they don’t try to hide it. In fact, these satanists, like all others, delight in rubbing their activities in the faces of the unsuspecting. They get off on getting away with it. 

When he’s not going full Dracula, Old Greenscreen has no problem pinching the nipple of an eight-year-old girl – again on camera and in the presence of witnesses. We also have the victim’s statement. Viewer discretion HERE. All this evidence and all these admissions and … not a damned thing is done to these hellish criminals. Why?

First, it is coming. God cannot be deceived, outwitted, cheated, mocked, or beaten. The eternal punishment will fit the crimes. Until then, here on Earth, good people are called to fight the good fight. This requires fighting. And that is where the masses fail. We’re a few bodies short in the “good” people category. In their place, we have legions of wicked, faithless, lazy, compromised, and/or stupid people. Their fear and pitifully low abilities prevent them from even seeing the truth – even when it’s on film, admitted to, and backed by data. Instead, from the bloated, inebriated view afforded by the couches, the people only see and hear and believe the blatant lies presented by the liars. 

Sadly, there probably is no saving many or most of these people. Yet and still, we are called and commanded and encouraged to fight on anyway. And so, we do. 

*It’s looking like a twofer week. The preceding just happened. I think I’ll have a much better, bright piece a little later this week. Stay tuned.