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Happy Saturday, gang! I’m a little busy today and the internet/grid continues to disintegrate. But here’s something I wrote about a month or two ago: the Saker has the latest cool martial developments out of the world’s superpower, Russia:

The past week has been quite intense in Russia – lots of interesting developments took place, and today I will mention three:

    1. Putin wrote a very interesting essay on the history of Russia and the Ukraine, which he followed up with a very interesting interview.
    2. Russia just concluded final tests for truly formidable weapons systems like the S-500 and the Mach 8 hypersonic missile Zircon.
    3. In its yearly aviation salon MAKS, Russia has just presented a 5th generation, single engine light multi-functional fighter the Su-75 “Checkmate”

These are all truly huge developments for Russia which we need to look into separately.

It’s a very good article. Have a look at the whole thing. I lived, for a short time, in a real nation, so I know the pride the good Russian people must feel knowing that their wise government has effectively shielded them from the true Evil Empire. Now, I suppose all we need is some grand test of these new weapons. I’d say I’ll cover that when it happens, but honestly, the grid will be completely down then.

Have a great weekend. Some really big things are working around here. More soon. P