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Gary Barnett simply outdoes himself: READ THIS. Read the whole thing, including about the collapse of society and the repurposing of education. Then:

The NIAID (United States Government agency) built an infectious replication coronavirus — in other words, they made SARS. And then they patented it in 2002 before there was any outbreak in Asia. US Patent 7279327.

~ There is nothing “novel” about this biological weapon.

~ Over 120 patented pieces of evidence were dug up to suggest the declaration of a novel coronavirus is entirely fictitious.

~ On the 28th of April in 2003, three days later after CDC filed a patent on SARS Coronavirus, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent on antiviral agents to treat SARS Coronavirus. So, the CDC files a patent for SARS Coronavirus and 3 days later Big Pharma files a patent on treatments for it. How does one have a patent for a treatment on a thing that was invented 3 days earlier? The patent on the treatment was issued before the CDC patent was allowed. It is not physically possible to patent a thing that treats a thing that has not been published because the CDC kept the filing private.

This isn’t just a war crime, it’s the full expression of evil – hell on earth. Read it all. Then, know that the proposed action, as worthy and necessary as it is, won’t work. There is no resistance, quite the opposite, in fact. The masses have converted from nihilistic atheism to Covidianity. They don’t just tolerate it. They live it, love it, and believe in it. Insouciant fools like that rarely if ever fare well in any war. This is a war. Wars have casualties. Don’t be one. Keep the faith and keep pounding the drums of freedom and truth. The remnant, and probably only the remnant, will hear. Tomorrow, the remnant will also be known as the survivors. May they be wrathful and vengeful against the satanic perpetrators of this most malicious hoax.