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It’s not him. He’s not even aware. But the people or demons behind the fake administration obviously hate people of color.

Some of the Afghan nationals who aided the U.S. war effort will be temporarily housed at a U.S. Army base about 140 miles south of Washington while they await approval of their visas.

The first round of applicants will be taken to Fort Lee, Va., according to a congressional official who viewed a National Security Council notification sent to Capitol Hill on Monday.

It’s great, and 20 years overdue, that the USSA is exiting the Graveyard – where we never had any business. But there’s this “refugee” thing. Same story, without end: kick the nest, anger the hornets, import them. That’s not the problem today. The choice of the refugee housing base is simply unconscionable. If a statue of Robert E. Lee is bad for the POX, then so is a military base named after him. In the name of equity, diversity, and inclusion, I oppose this terrible oppression. In fact, these worthy and beneficial persons of nobility and vibrance shouldn’t be forced into a county once home to Lee. For their sake, for their dignity, leave them where they are.