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While The Getting Is Good: Kids, It’s About Time


If there’s still time, that is.

As more time passes, more people begin to acknowledge the reality of life in these Disunited States. Writing about the death of public education, Paul Craig Roberts just noted: “If your kids are straight white males, they have no prospect in the corporate world or the US military. They need to start a business or learn a skill—electrician, mechanic, plumber—that allows them independence.  Really, they should leave the country.  So should your daughters.

Somebody should write a book about that! Somebody did.

About a year ago, I proudly released GET OUT! It was and still is a free ebook. The updated, for-profit version never materialized. So far, I’ve had 174 downloads, or “sales.” That’s a little depressing, especially considering my entry for the shortest novel ever, SOLD OUT, a similarly-priced one-pager about nothing, has seen 992 “sales” over roughly the same period. 

GET OUT! is a short field guide for intelligent young Christian Americans who want to vacate the USSA before full Balkanization sets in. As my target audience is by default of European origin, I recommend the fire out of European nations, particularly those in the center-east of the Old Continent. It started as a series of columns, originally written for TPC. Oddly enough, that was about the same time the civic-nationalist, delusional censorship started at TPC. Not one to be deterred, I finished it here. I stand by all of it, even as two of the prospective escape countries are flirting with war with each other. As I noted then, or think I did, whatever happens over there will be a merry picnic compared to what’s gearing up here. Interestingly, given that we appear to be headed towards a Yugoslavian-style conflict, I hereby add most of the Balkan nations, Serbia in particular, to the list.

I have no way of knowing the demographics behind my 174 sales. However, as I keep pointing out, the book is for the young, mainly younger Millennials and the Zoomers. My luck with directly selling it to the chosen audience has not been that great. Young people, near and dear to me, have sneered at the idea. And, of course, the one group that has shown interest, is the one that I specifically excluded. Really, Boomers! You lit the fire, you need to enjoy the heat. But, no, I’m not opposed to genuinely decent Americans of any age fleeing if they can – so long as they do it the right way.

That’s the catch, isn’t it? The refugee almost invariably attempts to recreate home country X as soon as he arrives in new county Y. I cover this several times in the book: There’s no point in leaving a problem only to become someone else’s problem. The young, innocent, and naive are best suited for the attempt of integration. 

Everyone else needs to hang around for the big party. RSVP, when? I’m not sure. By the end of this decade, I’d think. In fact, it’s already started. 

The American nation is gone and the US Empire, the home state included, is rapidly collapsing. This is a Godless place, or rather, it no longer honors the Trinitarian God of Christianity. Congress convened its evil this January with an opening prayer to a demon. The US has no government, a satanic cult occupying the place where a governing body once was long ago. Literal Americans, the Posterity of 1789, are, at best, only one-quarter of the population. Soon, very soon, 1792-definition Americans will become a minority. Whichever group you fall into, just know that you will be a hated minority. It’s already commenced – hating on Americans and erasing their history and culture is the new American pastime!

What’s taking the place of traditional American society? It’s not pretty. Football, says the NFL, is “gay.” “Gay” choirs openly boast about coming for our children. It only makes sense, all added up, that “gay” footballers come for children at 3 AM in hotel room beds. Praise be to Brahma?

Half the people are still gleefully caught up in the hoax of the Corona scam and war crime. In place of money, we have economic sorcery, black magic conjured from a crystal ball. We’re more than halfway to owning nothing, and many fools do appear to like it. Get woke! BLM! The jab! Brahma, hear us!

Read this column by Vox Day: “Lest you be discouraged, keep in mind that everything we’ve been seeing over the last few days [the summer of 2020] has been absolutely inevitable since 1965. There was never any other possible outcome. The decline and fall was designed.” Read it again and then read this one:

There is a white Christian America and there is a not-white not-Christian not-America which are now locked into an existential struggle. The USA is now divided into a New World remnant of Christendom and the stronghold of Satandom. The latter wishes to conquer and destroy the former because it is a separate nation that worships the god of this world rather than God the Father of Jesus Christ.

For a very good preview, above and beyond the USSA in the summer of 2020, read this article about the joy of life in South Africa today. Add in tanks, artillery, and heavy bombing, and it’s the USSA tomorrow. 

If you helped make this mess, then enjoy it. If you didn’t, please endure it, overcome it, and help rebuild afterward. Or, for those who can, leaving is a diminishing option. I think there is still time, but not much.