This very afternoon, following an absence of several years, I set foot back in the ring. My opponent was about the toughest hombre I’ve ever faced – a 100-pound Everlast bag. I intended to do this thing, even taking my gloves with me to the gym. Once there, being semi-senile, I left them in the car. No matter, we had business, so bare-knuckles it was. Here’s an honest recap of the bout:

Conditions: a little warm and dark (light through an open door only)

Time: roughly one round. (It’s been a while)

Technique: All orthodox, Western; jabs, crosses, hooks; no hammers, elbows, palms, kicks, etc. I did try to switch up non-dominance a little. Footwork needs work.

Power: I still have it, which is interesting considering how light the bag was and how weak I feel.

Speed: Fast enough. Very surprising. Given the short time, maybe it wasn’t.

Accuracy: Okay… I managed to land all the punches on the rubberized canvas. That’s about it. Jabs were best, but anytime the bag spins, there’s a problem. I had about two and a half minutes of problems. (I blame the pandemic).

Stamina: Ha! LOL. I’m still out of breath.

Injuries: None visible, but I will feel this tomorrow.

Grade: D+ (“D” stands for “done,” plus I still had the power).

Post-wrap: In the event of real-world encounters, I’m glad there are such things as blades, bullets, and just not being there. However, I was glad to be back and I may do it again … assuming I can walk… I advise the young against getting old and/or laying off.